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  2. Put some fuel in the air intake and crank it over. It it starts running you know it's a carb issue. take the spark plug up and check for spark. It may only spark every other time. Good luck!
  3. Is the choke automatic, they were made very poorly and die very often. It works by letting more fuel into the carb. This will make it bog down. I had this problem on my 400. A new choke is $300, you can disconnect the choke and flip a spring around in the choke to fix it. This will make the choke be stuff off though.
  4. Take a fuel line and run the gas directly into the carb as to Bypass the fuel pump. If it runs fine then you know there is a problem with the pump. You can try to hit the fuel pump with something as you try to start it. It often gets the pump spinning.
  5. spray soapy water on the head gasket and turn the motor over. If you see it bubbling then you know part of the head gasket is gone.
  6. Is the air filter clogged? Sometimes the jets need to be cleaned with a very small wire because the dirt or grime won't come off with the air compressor.
  7. I'll check out getting a new sleeve for the cylinder
  8. I was going to go to mongoose racing and see what they can do for me. Once I know the piston size I guess I can look online.
  9. So just a few weeks ago I bought a 2008 arctic cat 366. The air intake was FULL of dirt so the rings went on it. It was definitely swamped. I tried honing it but there is still a groove going horizontally where you can feel a bump in it, possibly an indent. So I need to bore it out, anyone know a place near Langley I can go to? I also have no clue where to get my new piston and rings from since I will need larger ones, as well as the size of the new piston. I appreciate the help!
  10. Ok so I definitely need to redo my rings because today I started it up and it smokes really bad. Does anyone have a price on how much this costs if I do the rings myself?
  11. Should I just leave it and check the oil level every once and a while?
  12. air rulers fine. I cleaned the carb again and just before the carb there is an air box. The box was FULL OF DIRT. I cleaned it out and it runs great but still smokes blue. I'm thinking sand or dirt got into the cylinder and scored the cylinder walls.
  13. I bought a 2008 arctic at 366 with 120hrs. When i red line it in neutral is smokes blue a lot. When I put it in high range it has problems getting over 35km/h. I bought it and had to clean the carb. It ran ok after i cleaned it. Not I have this problem.

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