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  1. I can't tell you specifically for that quad , but most use 75/90w ( synthetic) or an 80/90w hypoid gear oil. A few use 40w motor oil.. Take the fill plug out and check the smell of the oil. Gear oil has a distinctive smell as compared to engine oil. I would recommend going with the 75/90 synthetic if it is in fact gear oil in the differential.
  2. I plumbed in two accessory sockets on my old Honda . .One on the front and one on the back. I used the marine ones with caps tp keep crud out when the sockets are not in use.
  3. Fill the radiator with anti-freeze mix and cap it . Afterwards top up at the expansion tank. Any air left in the system after you've filled the radiator will be expelled as the motor heats up. Once the radiator is full and all air from having opened it to fill there should be no more bubbles coming from the radiator to the expansion tank. If it continues to bubble and level goes down you have a leaky head gasket. the steam in the exhaust depends on the moisture amount in it .. In very cold weather it may steam for a minute or two before clearing, but if you're getting a lot and you see the bubbling and fluid loss, then it's most likely a small leak in the head gasket.
  4. The cooling system should be full of anti-freeze /water mix .. there is an expansion tank where you fill the system.. When the system is cold and full the level should be at the full mark on the expansion tank.. As it heats up the coolant expands and some is forced into the expansion tank.. Shut down and cool off and it is drawn back into the radiator.. If the expansion tank is too low or the radiator has been opened cold and air allowed in either by drawing fro the too low tank on cooling , or by opening the rad , air will bubble into the expansion tank on warming up. If all levels are right , there should be no air bubbling into the expansion tank after all the air allowed into the radiator has been released after one or two heat and cool cycles .. If bubbling still occurs after everything is normal and cycled a few times , you have a leak in the system. Most likely a head gasket leak. The "smoke" or steam in the exhaust is normal in cold weather , especially if it is wel l below the temperatures where you see your breath .. One on the products of fuel burning is water vapor. It condenses in the muffler when the engine cools and is boiled off as steam when it heats up. . If there is a lot , it could mean a slightly leaking head gasket .. The main indication of that is the level in the expansion tank going down below the add fairly quickly and constant bubbling into the expansion tank.
  5. Frank . It's a Word document. If you are running Windows 10 it should open in a read only format. If you don't have W10 you can download Ope=n Office or one of its derivatives like Libre Office and open it in it's Office compatible Writer program. ... Or just search on Engler super quad. It would be insanity to drive it .. . I'd like to try LOL
  6. So you think you have a hot quad? Copied this article from newatlas.com Hopefully the file transfers ok. It's one insane quad not exactly fit for the bush LOL Engler super quad.doc
  7. You'd have to measure to be sure , but the hubs may very well be interchangeable. My guess is they most likely are if they are from similar quad series. Hubs from a 250cc to 350cc bike in either series are more likely to be a direct swap than from a 250 and one with a much larger displacement. More power would call for heavier axles and hubs in most cases.
  8. From what I could find searching on CFMoto their ATVs prior to 2012 were iffy at best . Since then they have vastly improved their quality control and are ready to compete with the major brands. Don't kid yourself on "China brands". They can produce some junk there, but so can Canadians and Americans. China is also capable of producing products that don't take a back seat to anyone just as our domestic makers can. Some of the best "American" branded products are actually either built in China for the American company or have some "made in China" components if you read the fine print on their products.
  9. Liability insurance is required here to ride on public lands and back roads. I only carry that. Own damage and comprehensive has too high a premium charge for a 28 year old machine .
  10. I'm glad I searched on your starter before I commented LOL.. Most quad starters work through a gear train and spragg clutch. I see the Polaris does in fact use a Bendix system. Most likely the bendix is gummed up and stuck in the retracted position. Normally the torque of the starter spinning up sends the bendix gear into engagement with the ring gear on the flywheel. One thing to check before you tear into the bendix---- Is the battery fully charged?.. If the voltage is low the starter may not spin up quick enough to extend the bendix gear into the ring gear to start the motor. The motor will spin over too slow and whine but not actually engage to turn the motor over.
  11. I am on Facebook and also use Skype; although I don't use Skype nearly as much as I used to. When Microsoft bought Skype and started "improving" it the made a mess of it as far as I'm concerned . It went from an easy to use chat facility to one using too much of my screen while complicating some things that were easy to use. I am also in some other interest and community groups/ forums. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Skype all have their followers and users. I don't use Instagram and seldom check Twitter. My main connection to family and friends is Facebook and Skype now is mostly to chat with a friend in China since for some reason the PTB there block easy access to Facebook and Youtube. Security can be set as tight or loose on Facebook as you wish. Facebook has an added advantage in that you can have interest groups with in it to keep up with friends with shared interests without having everything open on your main page .. I am in a Ham Radio group, 4x4 and quad group, a gardening group, one on tropical fishkeeping as well as one on internet tv. I try to help out where I can , and otherwise toss in comments in the forums . It doesn't matter the activity or hobby, we all started as complete newbies, and asked our share of "stupid and easy" questions and others took the time to answer them . Yes , there were the know it all asses, but if you ignore them they soon get tired and go away or an admin makes them go away. There are no stupid questions. If youdon't ask , you won't find the answer. Sometimes the answer to your "stupid question" also helps others too shy or afraid to ask for fear of ridicule by the wise ass old timer who really isn't as wise and all knowing he thinks he is . The really smart ones know you can never know all there is on any subject and constantly learn new tricks. Sometimes those new tricks come from an answer to "stupid questions" . Those that "just come for the manuals" and leave don't know just how valuable a resource they are overlooking by doing so.
  12. Phones only work when you are within cell range though.. Get a GPS and not only can it guide you but most of the ones I've seen and use also give your speed as a readout and operate anywhere you can see the sky.
  13. That's why I suspect a plugged passage or the carb has both an idle air screw like most carbs , but may also have a fuel mix screw .. The ones I see illustrated like the one in the video I posted are not the thumbscrew type but look more like a regular plug screw ( for want of a better term )
  14. Did you check the carb to see if it had both the air screw and the fuel screw? I can't see the air box being a problem unless either the main duct to atmospheric air is severely restricted or the air filter plugged. The amount of air a vent or vacuum line connected to the box would affect would be absolutely minimal . When you move the clip on the slide needle , you should only try one notch at a time up or down at a time from the original setting .
  15. Double check your carb.. Some carbs have the idle air needle , but also have a fuel needle. Here is a video on a carb either the same or very similar to the constant velocity carb you have. If there is a fuel adjust valve , that is most likely the one you need to adjust. I didn't think of it because my carbs have only had the air bleed screws.
  16. I would suggest to the ladies to leave their engagement rings at home when out riding . As others have mentioned it's too easy to lose the stone(s) out of engagement rings,whether you wear gloves or not. Nobody in their right mind wears rings in the mechanical and electrical trades while on the job , and nobody should wear them when doing anything recreationally where there is a chance of snagging or shorting out their ring. It's far too easy to end up with no ring......or finger. By all means , wear your rings socially but leave them home when out riding or camping.
  17. I did a little searching on your carb. The third line on the carb is a vacuum line to create the pulses to drive the pump. I found a youtube video on rejetting your carb that you might want to watch .. He points out the fuel pump vacuum line connection in it .
  18. There is a download of the service manual in the forum's downloads section .
  19. Check plug for spark and the carb for fuel. Seafoam won't clean out a plugged jet if that turns out to be the problem. You'd have to take the carb off and clean it thoroughly. No spark is harder to chase down. First check the electrical harness for any loose or corroded/ broken connections.If still no go you'll need a service manual to get the specs on the components , or if you have access to compatible ones to swap out one at time to find the faulty one.
  20. Just a bit aside of the VIN identification is this site .. It is a Honda motorcycle/ ATV parts company that has a list of all the models and years .. Quads are way down the list . https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/en/honda-parts/honda-model-prefix I also had a site saved that listed all the VINs for Quad models by year. It helped me identify the 2 characters of mine I couldn't read when I had to get mine to register it to license it when the province brought quad licensing in. Unfortunately whoever owned the site didn't keep it up so it expired along with a lot of very valuable information to old bike / quad owners and restorers.
  21. I would use fine sandpaper rather than a wire wheel . .Honda serial numbers aren't very deeply stamped on the older machines and the metal of that crossbar is quite soft. A wire wheel might "smudge" the numbers. I learned that the hard way when I did mine .
  22. Most of the more inexpensive lawnmowers are "flat head". Their valves are in the block and the motors are less efficient because of it , but they are cheaper to produce. I haven't pulled any of the newer utility overhead valve motors apart to see if they are push rod or overhead cam. They are more efficient and develop more power , but at greater expense to manufacture. ATVs have mostly overhead cams because they are more efficient and can easily be made to rev much higher because the push rods and rocker arms are eliminated. There is less mass to keep in reciprocal motion with overhead cam actuated valves. Less mass - easier to move - and less chance of valve float at higher RPMs. The motors can easily produce more power per cc in an overhead cam motor than in a push rod engine.
  23. Cams are driven off the crankshaft, whether by gear or chain and sprockets. Push rods and rockers are driven off the cam and in turn open and close the valves ( in an overhead valve motor). In block cams ( used in valve in block motors, mostly lawn mower motors and other small engines) are geared to the crank and drive the valves directly or in the case of overhead valves ,by means of push rods and rocker arms. Overhead cam motors (used in the vast majority of ATVs ) are normally driven by a chain and sprockets. Overhead cams usually operate the valves by either a rocker or adjustable tappet between the cam and valve.
  24. Check also for a weak return spring on the main jet needle diaphragm allowing the carb to creep open above idle , and make sure there is no air leak between the cab and intake . There could be a partially plugged jet making the carb run lean. That will make it rev high at idle and die when you open the throttle . Before digging deeper , check the idle air adjustment. Most carbs are set from about 3/4 to 1 1/2 turns out from gently seated. Try turning yours in or out about a 1/4 turn at a time to find the best spot for idle and no stall. It sounds like it is burning lean right now
  25. I have news for you that I'm sure you know already .. There are no cheap hobbies or sports. I haven't spent nearly as much on my quad than I have on hunting and fishing gear . Even my tropical fish and indoor gardening likely cost me more than my quad if I took the time to list the costs LOL.

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