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  1. 4 things could cause that problem. Timing slipped so the intake valve is still partially open when cylinder fires , Intake valve is sticking slightly open, rocker arm is too tight and holsding valve slightly open and finally, a burnt intake valve valve allowing combustion gasses to blow back. Most likely is a timing slip or valve lash on the intake valve is too tight .
  2. Craig's list can be a great source if you can pick up your purchase in person and be paid in cash for sales. be wary of cashiers checks, bank drafts and of course personal checks. Both bank drafts and cashiers checks can be fakes . My sister found out the hard way that a bank draft can be a fake that a bank will cash and then a week later find out from the clearing house it is a fake and charge back your account. Bye bye item , bye bye money and if payment was in foreign currency you end up losing even more because banks charge a fee to convert the currency into your dollars and you don't get that back when they charge back for the fake
  3. Getting older and the progressive diseases that too often go with it sucks.......but it's still better than the only alternative. At 76 I've lost too many of my old friends. Take care and keep on fighting... I've seen some pretty fancy offroad wheelchairs if it comes to that .
  4. That 92153D bolt illustrated looks like it might be a "shoulder bolt" where the unthreaded part is larger than the threads. They are used where they don't want the bolt to clamp two parts together and for the bolt to act as an "Axle" for levers or other rotating parts. Some industrial supply stores may carry what you want but your best bet might be to order them through an ATV dealer.
  5. Rotax is an old name in motors for snowmobiles, jet skis, ultralight aircraft and ATVs. It is an Austrian company owned by Bombardier, Canada. They make several sized motors in both 2 and 4 stroke configuration. Ski-doo and Sea-doo are two of their better known products for snow and water fun. My old 1972 Ski-doo 440 TNT hit 100 Mph indicated before it started fishtailing on me and I backed off in a hurry LOL
  6. It gets to me when some refuse to take this pandemic and the warnings seriously. My daughter and her husband are in the front lines in the battle with it . She is a lab worker in the hospital in her city that is testing hundreds of suspected COVID samples daily putting a serious strain on her and her co-workers handling them and all the other tests they have to do for patients in the hospital. It has been close to overwhelming for them . Her husband is a paramedic / ambulance worker running 12 to 14 hours a day dealing with suspected victims along with all the accident cases they're called for . The extra protective gear they have to wear now and the extra ambulance cleaning they must do is burning them out . I saw an excellent post in a forum that may put it into perspective for those that don't think a 3% death rate ( so far ) really should be something they need to worry about. What would they do if they were presented with a bowl of 100 of their favourite candies and they were told 97 of them are fine , but of them will kill you. How many would take the chance of eating a few because the odds of them eating a poison one was "only" 3 %? Frank.. The only time I want to be that high up looking down is when flying a plane. Like Ajmboy pictures like that give me the willies .
  7. Doing ok here. I'm out in farm area and only go to town to get groceries and fuel. I do visit one friend down the road his dog and mine love to play inside their fenced yard. I haven't hears of any reported cases in the nearest town but I wouldn't be surprised if there are at least one or two. BC and Ontario are the hardest hit by this damn virus, with BC having the largest number of deaths from it; most of them in care homes with the most vulnerable patients. With the border with Washington closed to all but essential traffic businesses on both sides are hurting severely . Cafes, restaurants and entertainment facilities are closed; except food industry can only serve take out or home delivery. Stores are all on short hours, limited customers in store at a time and of course limits on how many items such as toilet paper and paper towels can be bought per visit . There's no shortage of them from the manufacturers, it's just the idiot hoarders have been clearing shelves as fast as they're stocked.. Costco is one store rthat has posted items such as toilet parer, paper towels, hand sanitizer and disinfectants such as Lysol cannot be returned. I hope the hoarders soon realize they've got supplies for the next 20 years if all the social marketing sites put the clamps on the ones trying to profit over their despicable "business" practices . Stay safe everyone .. Get out and enjoy the outdoors, but despite what some of those who think they are invulnerable think, ride safe and not in large groups .
  8. Considering the flu only takes a fraction of 1 % (Last I read said 0.1%) of its victims and there are vaccines against most strains of it and the COVID-19 has a death rate of greater than 3 % with NO vaccine available, you should be very worried.. Not so much for yoursaelf but for your parents and their generation and parents if they're still alive.. Yes, the numbers for the Corona virus are much smaller than for the flu now , but they are exploding. Maybe you should seek other health information from legitimate sources rather than the ones trying to pooh pooh it .. I know Only 1 % of the world know the truth, everyone else in government and medicine don't know what they're talking about .. Get your news from Fox and your medical advice from quack websites and hope nobody you know or care about dies from COVID-19.
  9. There are shut downs of schools, universities and sporting events as well as many businesses in Canada and elsewhere. Borders are being closed; cruises, guided tours and ski resorts are being cancelled. Yes , it is a pandemic requiring extraordinary measures to try to bring under control, even though generally the young and healthy have little to fear of it since it mainly is a threat to the elderly and those who have other underlying health problems. I sure don't want to be one to catch and pass on the virus to someone else and I sure don't want anyone passing it on to me . Yup the virus is related to the common cold and for many it has no more consequences than a cold , but its death rate percentages far exceed the common cold or even those of the most prevalent flues.
  10. Trump only did those things because he was forced to by those in his administration who threatened to revolt if he didn't . He didn't want to allow the cruise ships to dock because it would run the numbers up and make him look bad. As if leaving Americans on the cruise ships somehow didn't count for Americans stricken with COVID-19. There's been no shortage of testing kits in Canada although they are saying now that unless there is good reason to suspect it could be an infection they will treat as symptoms dictate. Trump only thinks of himself.. Watch him when he is reading his speeches.. He didn't write them and often shows he doesn't believe what he has to say in them . Body language and his asides tell you that if you really watch and listen to what he is saying. Yes, I admit I do detest your fake President and all he has done to America and her image abroad; but if you look closely at him you should begin to understand why.
  11. When locals mentioned they were looking at a Bidet accessory for their toilet I offered to lend my pressure washer to those who couldn't find toilet paper in the stores here.
  12. Just remember who gutted the CDC and other health departments of the funds necessary to fight unforeseen outbreaks of pandemics. Then when COVID-19 broke out pooh poohed the severity of it and the need to prepare to fight it .. Now in his rallies tries to put blame on Dems and somehow the previous administration for the US being so far behind others in ramping up the fight. When you vote this December, remember all the lies, all the attempts to take credit for what others have done, all the changes in his cabinet and elsewhere because competent people woyldn't toadie up to him and the incompetent proved to be too incompetent and he was losing a bit of support because people were starting to clue in . I lay some of the blame for some of the pandemic deaths directly at Trump's feet and his refusal to face facts, take advice he didn't like and put in motion and fund the health system adequately to start fighting the developing pandemic because they'd make him look bad. There's you rant from a Canadian who's government set in motion the funds and people to attempt to limit the pandemic as much as possible and care for the ones affected by it . Stay away from the crowds. . Enjoy the wheeling. There's no chance of COVID catching you out in the fresh air away from the panicking crowds. What the hell does a room full of toilet paper and boxes of hand sanitizer have to do with keeping safe from the virus , or treating it if you're unfortunate enogh to catch it ?.. Take the advice of the pros .. Wash your hands and keep your distance. Much more effective than the idiocy going on now . St least that panic buying of ass wipe and sanitizer isn't limited to the US.. The crazies are world wide in that that respect.
  13. My `1991 Honda Fourtrax 300FW actually calls for 1 " smaller tires on the front than the rear .... 23" diameter on the front and 24" on the rear because of a slight difference in the gear ratios in the differentials. . That being said most, including me run the same size tire all the way around. The gearing is close enough and since quads are seldom ridden on pavement or hard surfaces that prevent tire slip we don't have a problem with drive train binding. Yes, it is "normal" to have tire sizes front and rear the same on 4x4 trucks and SUV's but it is not necessarily so on Quads , tractors and some other off highway equipment that are 4 x4 or all wheel drive. I don't know the specs on other machines. That is why I suggest checking because although the same size is normal all the way around but if a machine for some reason uses differing ratios it can cause binding and breakage . I would guess newer machines would be the same all around but double check yours to find out. It doesn't hurt and can save grief down the road .
  14. It depends on the quad whether all 4 tires are the same .. Check the owners manual or online .. Some have a slightly different gear ration front and rear and use smaller tires on the front .
  15. I can't be a lot of help either . .I ride an old 1991 Honda Fourtrax 300FW 4x4 quad with winch added .. I usually run tail end to the ones I ride with because some of them are only 2 wheel drive and no winches .. It's no racing machine , but let's face it , you can kill yourself just as easily at 40-45 Mph tops as you can at 70. I'm 76 and still ride like I'm 25 on it. sometimes it takes me longer to recover than it did when I was 25 though.There's not many places around here you can run machines flat out so I've never felt hindered by the lower top end. That's the main question to ask when choosing a ride . What am I really going to be doing with it the most, and how much power and speed do I really need ? I'm also partial to the Japanese machines and A Kymco ( Korean made) machine one of my friends ride has also been a great machine for him.. I'm more a fan of the clutch and gears machines rather than the CV ones with the belt drive .. Those machines often have a problem with belt slippage after a run in deeper water that can get in . They don't slip long once out of the water and the slippage quickly heats the belt and clutches to dry them out , but it's there and can be a real pain in a wet and muddy ride .
  16. I cheered for the half time show . Now there were backfields in motion that really took my attention.
  17. It depends on what you want to carry .. There are "saddle" bags you can get to hang over your gas tank fender bags that can be mounted to the rear rack and hang down behind you legs , or the big soft or semi rigid bags that take up your whole rear rack . There are also rigid rear carriers that extend the seat for a passenger.. There is also the choice of using a tote wired or bungeed to the rear rack. All have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs or wants .
  18. I know of some from the days of the early 1980's 3 wheel ATVs still going strong . As Freedomflyer says , maintenance is the key.
  19. The lithium battery in that jump starter also delivers a higher voltage and amps than the lead acid one in the quad . It is that higher voltage under load that spins the quad over faster . The CCA rating does make a difference when it is really cold . No matter what the CCA rating is , it is an adventure starting a vehicle when the thermometer is frozen at 40 below. A battery that matches the OEM rating for the machine should start the quad reasonably fast down to about 0 Fahrenheit but after that one with a higher CCA rating will make a bit of difference .
  20. Trump claimed several times Obama would go to war with Iran to bolster his support for re-election in 2011-2012 .. It never happened as we all know , but now guess what Trump has done in an idiotic attempt to gain popularity for taking Suleimani out. I agree the general richly deserved what he got ; but it was at the wrong time in the wrong place and for the wrong reasons despite what his "intelligence services" claimed about "planned attacks".. I can recall very vividly a war fought under false pretenses that directly led up to this mess. I wonder how long it wil l take and how many are going to have to die before some of the Trump cultists wake up to how badly they've been misled. The last 3 years have seen the one percent and the better off members of the middle have had great gains on their stocks and 401ks. Everyone else has seen their situation worsen. Wake up GOP supporters. Trump has ballooned the deficit with his tariffs and then attempts to subsidize the farmers. His trade wars have only cost American consumers dearly while they have done nothing to boost jobs and well being in America. My condolences in advance for all those Americans and Middle easterners who are going to lose family members in the conflict sure to come ; either through terrorist attacks and useless blanket retaliation against Iran , or outright war in the middle east which will only that only result in more hatred towards the US and more terrorism.
  21. Your last picture took all the guess work out of identifying the choke , brake hold and kill switch. . Glad you found the problem and it was as simple as the choke being on all the time . You'll likely find you need to do a little more tweaking for max performance and ending any sign of stumbling , but you're well on the way now.. Happy Quadding , and have a Very Merry Christmas.
  22. I think that red button above the start button is the choke, and it looks to be on full choke to me . Does that red button slide back and forth ? . It looks like an arrow indicator to the right of it and it is fully to the left.. If that is the case , that is most likely your problem. Start the bike with choke button tro the left ,, reduce choke as needed as it warms up and do all your fine adjusting on a warm motor / choke fully off..... slid to the right . The button you're pointing to might be a brake lock button . You squeeze the brake handle and press that button down to lock if it is .
  23. At least you saw it driven out in the right direction ...Up toward the top of the carb from the bottom. I hope that's where the problem is .... one or more of those tiny drilled holes plugged.

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