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  1. It just stopped. I got it back together and fired it up. I had a dirt bike that did that outta the blue. I fixed it then it did it again in short order. My buddy suggested to put valve grinding compound on the crankshaft and put the flywheel on and spin it, spin it........ so I did that and it's been good ever since. So, I did the same thing on the 400. We'll see how it goes!
  2. Well the 400 crapped out on Saturday. I took a look at it yesterday and this is what I found. Sheared the key right the f*** off!
  3. Ya, the thing fires up with just a touch of the button! I'm nursing a bum leg that I messed up a couple weeks ago. About 5 of my buddies went riding today, but, I gotta pass until the leg is %100. The weather is freaking perfect too!
  4. I got a battery just like the one that was in it. It's charging now. I drained the engine and the plug is clean. And the oil. Very clean
  5. Hey, I think I'm going to pick up a new battery today for the 400. Now, since this thing with the aftermarket cams doesn't have the auto-decompression, should I look for a battery that has a little bit more cranking power? It looks like the stock battery is 8ah. Is that the number that I need to look at? Thanks, dood.
  6. Ya, that would be an interesting thread. This engine sounds really good. Snappy as hell.
  7. That's all been covered. You gotta read the entire thread, noob. LOL. I'm just messin with ya. I think I got it all sorted out thanks to Frank and some others.
  8. You guessed it. I adjusted the float and it's all good. I rode it around a bit yesterday. Runs pretty damn good! I'm gonna drain the oil from the engine into a nice clean container and see if there is any more debris in it. And, it needs a new a battery. damnit! Freakin $90.
  9. Sonuvabitch it fired up! It ran for a few seconds and I shut it off. Started it up and it ran for 30-45 seconds (no water in the radiator) and shut it off. Sounds like it runs like it's supposed to. I got fuel coming out of the carb, so I gotta check that out and the battery craps out very quickly. Progress tho!
  10. Frank, I had a bit of an erratic spark before I took the stator and flywheel off. Do you suppose that all the metal pcs that were flying around in there had anything to do with that? And, I might just put it back on and check the spark. Will not having any oil in it have any effect on the performance of the stator? And I don't think that cranking it over for a few seconds with no oil will hurt anything. IDK. I will put assembly lube on the camshafts and rockers tho.
  11. I found the specs for a 2009 ltz 400. This one is a 2003. IDK if they're the same. I have a tester.
  12. I got the cams back yesterday. But, before I put all this back together I want to check the ignition components" IE stator, coil, pick up coil. Any info on specs for that?
  13. Yes. Toy hauler. I can fit 2 4x4 quads and 2 bikes in it. Barely! And dum-dum. LOL
  14. Whatchoo ride? still a few patches of snow!
  15. No,no,no, I'm riding tomorrow! I prefer 2 wheels, but, I do it on all 4 sometimes!

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