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  1. Oh, and also the camshaft timing seems odd to me. I watched a couple of utube vids and both pointed out a "3" on the intake cam sprocket and a "2" on the exhaust sprocket. The one I'm working on has neither. Each sprocket has EX on one side and IN on the other, not directly opposite each other, either. Someone had painted IN/EX on the sprockets and put some white dots on them where they line up with the top of the cylinder head. IDK if these are some aftermarket camshafts or what.
  2. I got this 400, that wouldn't start. It would try, but wouldn't catch. I checked the valves and the L intake was tight at .002. The compression came in around 120. It didn't improve after a couple of drops of oil into the cylinder. So,I figured it was the valve causing the problem. So, I got the valves squared away, but it still won't start. I checked the spark and it seems like it's getting an intermittent spark. It fires a few times then nothing. If l let up on the button and then hit again immediately, it will fire a few more times, then repeat. So, what am I looking at as a possibility? Electrical issues are not my strong point. LOL
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  4. Idk if it can be milled down far enough to get a smooth surface again. So, that piston is 3mm over stock. That's a big jump. So the stock head can be used with that big of jump?
  5. What would cause the corrosion like that? Extended sitting?
  6. Yep. Here we go. It looks like some corrosion on the cylinder head. It's right on the edge of the combustion chamber. That's gotta be where the water is leaking. I noticed that there is water in the oil too. Looks like someone put a big bore kit in this thing? 95mm is stock bore.
  7. I haven't quite got the head off yet. I'm close. The thermo switch for the fan is no good. I've checked that. I'm studying the service manual some before I go tearing the head off. It's close to coming off. I just gotta get the camshafts out and the head bolts off. Everything else is off/ disconnected.
  8. I haven't been able to tear into it yet. Other things....... But, I did notice that it says Athena on the cylinder. Aftermarket cylinder right? Oh, boy.....
  9. Thanks, peeps. I'll probably start on it tomorrow and see whats what. Merry Christmas!
  10. Hello all. I got this yzf for almost nothing. It's in pretty good shape. However, it's pretty stubborn on cold start-up. I noticed while cranking it over that there was water dripping from what appeared to be the exhaust where the pipe bolts on. It did fire up and I could smell coolant in the exhaust. The P.O has installed a toggle switch for the cooling fan. I'm thinking that maybe it overheated and cracked the head or something? Any tips/ advice is much appreciated.

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