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  1. I was 50. a used 2005 Suzuki King Quad 700. I wasted a lifetime without it. I've got a post in here somewhere that describes the feeling of exploring for the first time. I really kicked myself in the a$$ for not doing it much much sooner. For what I am going to use it for … trailer exploration, getting to fishing holes, putting along trails for birds and bunnies, it is likely going to last me a lifetime. My only concern being my age and the age of the quad and its reliability as I do much of our outings solo. Regardless how small the outing I am always prepared to spend the night. My advice to those who are on the fence... do it, you will have it for years... and the cost of that entertainment /hr keeps going down each time you use it. especially if you have friends to go with... man... the years I wasted not being able to get to the back country and having to share the spaces with everyone in a car or truck. something smaller would have probably been better a 450/500 maybe vs the 700 (though to pull over on a dead batter, will get tougher as I get older. My overnight kit has a spare deep cycle and solar panel. Just do it! Unless of course that is the money you need to feed your kids and wife with !
  2. I've got 3 spots picked out. One is a widening of a creek below what looks like a set of rapids in google maps. I have a travel a pole line essentially due North, and I think I see the faint markings of a trail, but regardless the pool is about 400m west of the pole line. The second spot is a stocked brook trout lake, I found it after being a little curious while snow shoeing. a sled passed me pulling a covered pelican sled. Ice fisherman I thought. Knowing the area fairly well, and based on the time of day (past noon). I figured they had to be going somewhere close but I wasn't aware of another lake in the area. I figured it had to be close because at 12:30 in the after noon here there was only about 4 hrs of daylight left and they would have to travel a while so it just didn't make sense to me. when I got back from the snow shoe trip I poured over my maps, found a couple of little lakes, zoomed in on google maps, only 1 had a name and I looked it up on the Ministry web site and found that they stocked it! So that one is probably going to be a bring some spare gas and an over night tent/bag sort of thing even though we have a ton of day light. There is one water crossing so late summer when water is low is probably the best. No here is the funny thing....some week after being curious about the two guys on a sled going somewhere late in the day... I went snow shoeing again and low and behold when I came to the parking spot the guy was loading up. I asked him if he had passed me a couple week earlier and he said he did (not many snow shoers about). I asked him where he was going fishing that day as I noticed his pelican pull-behind covered sled. he said he wasn't he was with his brother checking their trap line. So I discovered a stocked lake based on a fantasy I dreamt up! The other spot is a lake I discovered year ago that is supposed to have speckle (brook) trout. I've been working on an idea to mount a canoe rack on my quad... if anyone has thoughts on that would love to hear them.
  3. Hey all, It's been a while since I posted. Fan trouble and the replacement I sourced on amazon is still working great on my 2005 Suzuki KQ700. Unfortunately this year I lost my outdoor best friend. He's that go to guy for everything … the day run, may walleye opener, last minute hey my boat's at work get your a$$ over here with your rod and let's go kinda buddy. I bought the quad last year in March and with him gave it the once over and prepped it for fall hunting season, but cancer took him before we could enjoy this new aspect of outdoor life. We planned an October trip into the bush with our quads guns and tent trailer. It never happened. A tribute to our fallen and lost.... But in their memory take the opportunity to grasp every minute of the outdoors you can, life is short... you can sleep at the end... I've curious what everyone has been doing to prep for the spring season. I mounted my battery and the quad started up straight and easy, just powered it up once or twice to juice the injectors and it fired up after a couple of seconds. I let it run, confirmed fan started, checked charge voltage. all good. I did all my oils in the fall to make sure no water was present anywhere so skipped that this spring. So what have I done over the winter to prep for quadding? I've been researching. This year I am going to cross over quading with brook trout fishing. So I have been pouring over my old maps from my youth, google maps... looking for those faint markings of trails I can't travel in my F150 (well not yet, paint still looks pretty good ).
  4. The saga of the fan continues. The Pin attempt in the fan shaft failed. I then moved on to trying to weld the fan hub to the fan shaft. I took it for a run the weld broke. Now it was truly F'ed. To recap the dealer price, they want $400 + CND for a replacement fan assembly. I searched all sorts of after market places and no one carried one. Ebay had some used ones but they were $120 USD + Conversion rate for something as old as what I have. I went to Amazon and eventually settled on this. amazon link What I found... and was amazed... was that the fan mounted to the Suzuki fan assembly bracket. I was prepared to manufacture my own mount conversions... It also came with "Harpoon mounts" (nylon zip tie like things that go straight through the rad. Anyways it mounted to the original bracket. It fit perfectly. Cut the electrical plug off replaced it with the Suzuki... all good. Let the quad heat up, thermo coupler kicked in the fan circuit, polarity was right... all was good.... Fan is under the circuit fuse rating. so I finally have a solid fan solution. $34 CND vs $400+ CND
  5. Does anyone know if this part he is looking for is also good for a 2005 KQ 700 ? In my case the odometer is not working, could be to hide the age of the bike, but would be nice to know how far down a trail I've been... counting stumps has proven unreliable...
  6. Well... after all was said and done, I wasn't happy with the connection point. Still too much play to be reliable...I figure the nut, even with lock tight, would end up spinning off. I ended up welding the hub to the shaft... fek it. nice smooth even spin now. no wobble. no play. Was visiting my brother over the weekend, an industrial mechanic, and brought the fan with me. He had a MIG. After a few wobbly pops, lots of discussion, trying a few things... the welder was a good choice. if it breaks now... its going to blow apart into a million pieces. I'll take in on a local run to give it a whirl before hunting season. Opens in 2 weeks. This chapter ends.
  7. Needed to find a little time to execute the plan, so last weekend found all the bits I needed. Here is what it looks like. Pin hole went well. my hack saw wasn't wide enough for the pin, so I resorted to a grinding disk mounted on a drill. The pin groove you can see is a touch off center despite my efforts to keep it centered. if it wobbles too much I always have a second chance, I can make another groove 90 to the first and try to better center it. In the other pic you can see it all seated together. A new problem surfaced. the fan's hub collar, you can see it is a few mm off of the motor spindle.... when I took this out the fan only had a couple of mm of clearance on the rad side. So I was a little concerned about that so I cut the hub groove a little deeper.... now unfortunately what happens is when I tighten up the nut for the fan motor shaft it bottoms out before snugging the fan on the pin and it is a little sloppy. So my next plan is to mod one or 2 washers as spacers allowing the nut to tension up the fan. If my rad clearance is insufficient, I think I can add some washers to the rad mount bolts to stand it off the rad a little more. I don't even know if I am working with stock parts on this. certainly the fan assembly mount frame is stock as it lines up and the fan motor appears to be stock as the mount holes line up to the frame, but I won't know if the fan is stock. It may have been a replacement or something. Wish me luck
  8. So I've noodled on this a little and here is my plan of attack. I'm going to drill a hole in the fan motor shaft perpendicular to the shaft and insert a steel pin. Then I am going to notch the fan hub across the center hole. Basically create a cam. Then apply lock-tite and a nut. The fan should be held securely between the perpendicular pin and the nut. now when the shaft spins the fan has to spin with it due to the pin. As long as the nut stays put, the ping shouldn't slip out of the notch. It's similar to a spin cast fishing reel, I have some where there is a cross pin to keep the spool from spinning and the drag nut keeps it all together. There is enough of a notch on the shaft to be able to grab it in a vice without wrecking the threads. Then it is a matter of trying to free hand drill a perfectly perpendicular hole (I think we all know how that will turn out) on Lord knows how tough a steel shaft. For the hub notch maybe a dremil or ort sort of rotating mini tool, or those little reciprocating saws not sure what they are called but blade slides back and forth like barber clippers. worse case is I take a useless fan and shaft, and drill a no so perpendicular hole (can bend pin to compensate I guess) and the fan wobbles touch until I can adjust.
  9. So here is what I have. I applied direct battery tonight and it made the same noise no spin. removed the front rack, front body, and removed the fan assembly. Once out the fan just fell off the shaft. Looking at it briefly it just seems to have lost the nut. however looking at it more closely, with the fan shaft hole seemingly non-circular and the cam like part of the motor shaft, I am beginning to think the whole thing should be cam'ed and that the CAM is stripped. Anyone know how this is supposed to look? Can't tell from the Bike Bandit diagram. Am I pooched here? Do I have to replace the entire assembly? As you can see it has already had some work done there is a rough cut rubber gasket under the motor casing. Let me know what you guys think.
  10. I run a 2005 KQ 700. Ryan did you have luck on closing this one out? In case I need it for the future!
  11. Actually now that I have posted that pick, would you mind posting a pick of yours including your battery tie down bracket. apparently I should have one.
  12. I also have the 2005 KQ 700. I am not sure if this is the original grounding location, but this is where mine is. Its right there in the batter area the yellow wire.
  13. Not familiar with the KQ 450 unit, but on my KQ 700 there are topics about the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). not sure if it applies to your bike though. They talk about jumpering pins on the diagnostic port to display on the LCD the position sensor being either above or below or on target. Something I still need to check on mine so haven't been through it myself though.
  14. I had a cracked spark plug on a mower that would do something similar, except run rough once warm. replaced the plug and problem eliminated. from the removed plug and charring it looked like it would intermittently fire in the cylinder but sometime arc along the body.
  15. Was using the quad the other day to shuttle wood from my pickup to my wood pile. When the job was done I turned off the Quad and heard a bit of a racket from the front end. When I got down underneath the sound seemed to be coming from the fan housing. fan was moving in spurts and not quickly... much like a computer case fan that's had it's day. What I know. Temp sensor is ok, as the fan tries to activate fan is getting some voltage as it is attempting to spin. When I first bought it used I tested the fan direct to battery and it was fine. The fan was working ok even not direct wired as I went on a couple of rides and when stopped and idling the fan did run Seems to be free spinning with my finger read up in the manual and they require me to drop the rad. now I'm not opposed to that as the rad has some damaged areas I want to try and straighten out. But if I can get the fan working without, I can leave the rad as it is until next year. Fan assembly is about 300 bills, any work arounds or alternatives? I even thought large computer case brushless fan. smaller ones are about $7 larger ones better quality probably far below the 300. They run standard 12v DC. Anything I should be doing before dropping the rad... other than check for obstructions even though it seems to spin, and trying to hardwire it to the battery again for a test to see if it acts the same?

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