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  1. E28 is the California (USA) version E33 is the Canadian version
  2. So it seems as though the NON power steering models really do have a different display (speedometer) than the WITH power steering models. Or at least they change the part numbers so we don't really know if they are interchangeable. I ended up waiting on the factory back ordered "speedometer only" vs the entire "speedometer assembly" which was in stock for another $50. The end result is a brand new, WORKING speedometer/digital display. One thing to note: There is a Canadian and California version (E28 and E33 extension on each speedometer part number.......I don't remember which is which). Those are your only two choices and I was told by Suzuki Parts House that the Canadian version was for me (in Alabama with a locally bought machine). When I finally got an intelligent sounding parts person to talk to at RMATV I was told the California version was for me. Ordered, installed in 10 minutes and works perfectly! Shout out to RMATV!! They had to dig and do some research to get me to the right part and it sounded like they really knew their stuff. They also called me several times with order updates since the back order delivery date kept changing. Only had to wait an extra 2 days from their original delivery estimate..........but it was a factory back order so not RMATV's fault. 2 thumbs up for RMATV!!
  3. So my speedometer is not working (almost blank but with a few errant LCD marks). I want to buy a new one but can't seem to locate the right part number. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. My machine does NOT have power steering. The "X" model (no power steering) is part # 34120 11A50. However I cannot find that part number for sale anywhere. I found the "XP" (power steering model i believe) model speedo to be part # 34120 11H50. These are readily available on the major parts sites. Is there really a difference between the XP power steering and X NON power steering models as far as the speedometer goes?????????? Seems odd! Here are my machine specs: Model #: LT-A500XCL1 (King Quad AXi) Serial #: 5SAAM46A5B7101077 Engine no.: 106980 Thanks for any help................Oh.............and if any knows a safe download site for a service manual that would be appreciated!

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