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  1. E28 is the California (USA) version E33 is the Canadian version
  2. So it seems as though the NON power steering models really do have a different display (speedometer) than the WITH power steering models. Or at least they change the part numbers so we don't really know if they are interchangeable. I ended up waiting on the factory back ordered "speedometer only" vs the entire "speedometer assembly" which was in stock for another $50. The end result is a brand new, WORKING speedometer/digital display. One thing to note: There is a Canadian and California version (E28 and E33 extension on each speedometer part number.......I don't remember whic
  3. So my speedometer is not working (almost blank but with a few errant LCD marks). I want to buy a new one but can't seem to locate the right part number. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. My machine does NOT have power steering. The "X" model (no power steering) is part # 34120 11A50. However I cannot find that part number for sale anywhere. I found the "XP" (power steering model i believe) model speedo to be part # 34120 11H50. These are readily available on the major parts sites. Is there really a difference between the XP power steering

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