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  2. Yes it is a blast to ride. I ride it more than my 700 king quad
  3. I didn’t have it in 4wd. I’m just wondering if it’s me or something wrong? It runs great just think it would have more pick up. I’m not comparing it to my 700 king quad but they are night and day different. It doesn’t seem like it wants to spool up quick.
  4. I have a 450 Wolverine with 500 miles on it. My question is are these known to not have a lot of pick up? It just doesn't seem like its fast out of the hole or top end. It has plenty of low end torque. I thought maybe the CVT belt might be worn....but it only has 500 miles on it.
  5. Just wondering opinions on lift kits on ATV's in general. Nothing crazy like 2-3". Im worried about the angle of the CV's and wear?
  6. Im stupid.....it was grease from the inside of the collar. It made it look like it had teeth. Well I ordered a spare.
  7. On my king 700 I was going to replace the CVT belt and do the shim mod. Well when I took it apart the collar teeth are wore out. Its smooth for the most part. Im going to order a new collar but what would cause this? The back teeth are better that the front side but both have smooth areas. Ill see if I can get a pic posted but I know its not right. Everything else looks good. The belt isn't even worn but it will get replaced. The actual shaft coming out of the engine looks good and doesn't appear to have any worn spots.....so at least thats good.
  8. I looked at that one. Just don’t know if it’s the same as my 2010. Don’t know what the differences if any are
  9. Looking for one. Checked the pinned post and found one for a 03-06 but not sure that the 2010 is the same. Im trying to find info on fluid changes. Crankcase and diffs?
  10. Yes I looked that up. He was asking 2500 and I offered 2K. He accepted. It has 493 miles on it.
  11. I have an opportunity to buy a 2010 wolverine. Just wondering thoughts on them? Any things I need to look at. Im getting it for 2k and I think thats a almost too good to be true deal. Any input is appreciated.
  12. What about the shim kit? I have 26" tires and I believe the shim kit will help with low end
  13. Ive done everything else the only thing left to do on my 05 Quad King 700 is the drive belt. What belt is recommended? I see 3 different types. Also I see the 1 mm shim (2mm total) mod. I think I know what it does but can someone tell me? Also if its worth it, where or what part number are the shims? Thank You
  14. I agree but I understand things can get into carb especially on a brand new bike. Im going to let him change the carb and see but if any more problems exist then I will raise cain. I do not want it to become NOT fun for my son.

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