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  1. Drive Belt - 05 Quad King 700

    What about the shim kit? I have 26" tires and I believe the shim kit will help with low end
  2. Ive done everything else the only thing left to do on my 05 Quad King 700 is the drive belt. What belt is recommended? I see 3 different types. Also I see the 1 mm shim (2mm total) mod. I think I know what it does but can someone tell me? Also if its worth it, where or what part number are the shims? Thank You
  3. CanAm Ds70??

    I agree but I understand things can get into carb especially on a brand new bike. Im going to let him change the carb and see but if any more problems exist then I will raise cain. I do not want it to become NOT fun for my son.
  4. CanAm Ds70??

    Yes it was BRAND new. It was a piece of plastic or something from either the filter or tank. He ordered a new factory carb for it and is going to warranty it. I'm going to get him to put the 90 throttle cable on it just so I can adjust it as I see fit. It seems like all the 50cc or 90cc don't have a lot of power. At least thats what I read.
  5. CanAm Ds70??

    I just bought my son a 2018 Ds70. First off it ran fine at dealer and when I got it home I couldn't get it to run without the choke. I took it back and the tech took the carb off and found the low speed jet was completely clogged. He said he bored it one size over stock. Now it seems like Im chasing my tail with it. The idle is erratic and the plug is white, which Im assuming is lean. It takes at least 10-15 minutes to get warmed up which I know is not right. He is ordering me a new carb and Im having him put a DS90 throttle cable on when I take it for the carb and 10 hr service. Has anyone had any experience with these little atv's? If so please give me some pointers on what to .
  6. 2005 Suzuki King 700 Fuel????

    Good info...thanks
  7. 2005 Suzuki King 700 Fuel????

    What did you think of the King Quad?? The only other ATV I have owned is a Predator 500. Personally the King has tons more power. I have been going thru it and so far I like what Im finding
  8. I have a 2005 Suzuki King 700 and just bought my son a CanAm DS70. My king runs fine, the DS is cold natured as crap. Im wondering what fuel you guys are running? Im thinking Im going to get the ethanol free gas, or run sea foam in the ethanol gas. I know that either should be better than straight 87 with ethanol. What says you?
  9. 50CC Youth??

    Im looking to get my son a 50cc or 70cc quad. Im leaning towards the Can Am DS70. Im just wondering if any has input on any of the youth quads? I don't want to get him a 90....he is 5 and the 90 cc are too big.
  10. Diff Oil change?

    Will Royal Purple Max Gear 75/90 work? It says it will in both front and rear?
  11. Diff Oil change?

    I figured while Im doing everything else might as well change the diff oil on my 05 QuadKing 700. I looked in the manual thanks to AJMBOY. Im wondering what you are using? I would like to use Amsoil since all the other fluids are that. If not just something good. I pulled the plug on the rear and its a little dirty but not bad. I just want to start from scratch so I know what I have.
  12. QuadKing 700 Display??

    I just purchased an 05 Quad and the display has like a halo around it. You can still see the display but its dim and has a black circle around it. Could it be going bad? If so where is the best place to get one?
  13. 05 Suzuki King Quad 700 Oil Change?

    I found the Manual.....Thank You!! I also changed oil with the Napa Gold 1359 and used the Ams Oil 4 stroke ATV 0W40 oil. I changed the plug with a NGK 6965. Man what a difference a plug can make. Its like a whole new beast(what my wife calls it). This thing has loads of power. I had a Polaris Predator 500 back in 03 and this is just crazy more power. The throttle isn't as touchy but very controllable, which to me is better. Now to start powder coating stuff on it. Ill post pics when done
  14. Im new to the forum and the quad I just got. I want to change oil in in. Its almost impossible to find anything on-line. I know it takes 10w40 and know the oil filter location. What oil should I use? Is there a cross reference for oil filter. The closest dealer to me is an hour away. I have NAPA close and like the WIX or Napa gold filters. Also is where can I get a Manuel for it? Thanks