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  1. Well needed a bike fix so drove an hour (they are never close) and picked up 2 Suzuki atvs. a 125 and a 250 quadrunner 4x4 both in bad shape but all tires are good so that pretty much pays for what I paid for them. Can always use them on other atv. Sprayed them off and parked them in the shop till further notice when I get really bored and finish the one im working on now. These look pretty rough, I am challenging myself more and more each time. Where will it stop? lol. Seems like each one I get is a different brand. Firs time I have got Suzuki. Time will tell. Az
  2. Got it out of the paint shop today lol, Decided to take carb apart since he rebuilt it. Nothing was right as I figured, he even jacked up the coiled return spring for the metering rod slide assembly. Had the a/f screw bottomed out and didn't even clean inside. Main jet was wrong size (at least he gave me old parts) Managed to get an intake boot off e/bay for 8.50 DId I mention 1 of the exhaust bolt holes on cyl stripped. Gonna tap it and reinstall it. I ran a fuel hose to the carb and batt charger to it and it fired up using the key! I guess on the bright side the elect is ok, still have to check charging. Have to shoot some pics in a day or so. Az
  3. I ran auto repair shops for over 23 yrs so I can relate. Something as little as crank seals which were only 25 bucks but require a lot of labor. Same with piston etc. I always keep track of the money spent on parts, batteries and tires are the worst. as far as hourly rate I never gave it much thought as I do it to enjoy it but if I did I would figure in about 30 p/hr The going rate is probably 60 - 100 at a stealership and the mechanic never sees that kind of money. Az
  4. Well today I said farewell to my Polaris. I know that thing inside and out but sold it today ended up getting 1700.00 for it so I wont miss it that bad lol. Had less than 300.00 invested but a lot of labor. Each one I do I learn something. And each one I like and would like to keep but the garage fills up pretty fast. I got one torn apart and plan on picking up 2 this Saturday. Gonna keep me busy! Az
  5. Yes I agree on a little high, but needed something to work on as I am out of vehicles. Have done about 9 of these things and always turn a great profit. More of a hobby as I enjoy bringing them back to life, a challenge and some times a pain but over all keeps me out of trouble. Will see how it turns out. Az
  6. I think I paid too much but needed another challenge. 350.00 The only positive it does have a winch (don't know if it works) These things keep me busy and actually have been making pretty good profit also. Stay tuned Az
  7. Well im at it again, took about an hour drive Saturday and made a deal on this old honda. Might be restorable. Tires pretty dry rotted, mastercylinder broken glass and probably full of water. Handed me the carb he rebuilt (oh no) He said ran about 6 months ago but when we pushed out of his field there was a tree growning through it. See pic. Missing some parts, also missing the intake. Motor is not locked up, Has piece of plastic crammed in the head since no carb there for months. Brake cables bad, etc. Thats part of the fun. Im sure I will be posting some questions later for you all. Stay tuned Az.
  8. Update on the Explorer. After tuning the carb, jets, choke, etc also replaced crank seals. finally got it back together and runs great. One other thing, while running it I lost the neutral/Reverse indicator light. Thought it had to do something with the key switch which came loose but finally figured it out. Ended up being a loose connection on the connector on top of transmission, so if you get this problem check both those connectors. I only have about 250.00 invested in this thing, might keep it as its a 4 wheel drive and could use it with my trailer for work around the property
  9. Have it all back together, also replaced the supply line and filter from the 2 stroke motor reservoir and the tube from the pump to the carburetor. Seems like both were leaking. Took about a month to get those parts from Partzilla. I will see if it starts later. Finally have it mostly back together. Just have to turn on the fuel and see if it starts on its own.
  10. After all assembled, hooked up gauge gave it a pull and got about 125 psi by pulling on the rope. Got it all back together and wouldn't run, found out he really screwed up the carb. have gone through it several times, Got it to run but will only start with starting fluid. Once its hot it will stay running. Let it cool down wont start on its own. Have checked the choke system, raised float level till almost floods. Still same problem. Installed larger jet and would run a lot better still no cold start. Raised the metering rod the highest and it starts when cold but boggs out due to too rich condition at half throttle. I have tried the metering rod on every position. If I put it where it runs good it wont start when cold. Finally I decided to tear out the starter as its bad anyway. While in there I replaced both crank seals as I have heard they can cause a lean condition and since im in there already...…… well you know, its all about the fun.
  11. Well I took some time off, Finally got around to have it machined. Had to go .5 over and it cost me 128.00 for the labor. Then cost about 100 for the piston kit gasket etc. Installed the piston on the crank, was fun trying to manipulate the cylinder on the piston and compress the rings while motor still in frame, kept running into frame, linkages, shifter etc. Finally after several colorful words got it in there.
  12. Did you ever fix this problem?
  13. Might check with Laval, seems he has some experience with Yamaha and their reverse.
  14. On mine I had to loosen up the foot pedal adjustment, I guess it needed to move more. I adjusted my rear brakes and that's what caused the problem, after loosening them up it worked again, Also had to be in 1st in order to go into reverse. Seemed to be a problem an each Yamaha I have owned. Just got rid of one and same issues.
  15. no coolant, air cooled unless im missing something. Cant seem to find a cylinder for sale, Only one I found was 400 plus. The cyl wall is definitely gouged. The bearing looked ok but would replace if repairing.

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