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  1. Nevermind, finally found an upclose pic I could see thanks
  2. Got the seal kit from ebay, looks good. Have a problem. The clamp that holds the reverse cable by the reverse lever is mangled. I cant find a pic that I can see well of the clamp. Can you take a good pic of yours so I can see how I need to bend it back in place so it holds the reverse cable to align it with the lever and hold it in place? You can see mine in pic #2 it wont hold cable needs to be bent certain direction. Let me know Thanks Az
  3. Received the seal but unfortunately was wrong one. New one was too small I decided to order this set from ebay and try https://www.ebay.com/itm/Engine-Oil-Seal-Kit-Kawasaki-KLF220-Bayou-88-02/321712461889?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908103841%26meid%3Da843520551284d3a998c68e5a5437707%26pid%3D100227%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D321712461889%26itm%3D321712461889&_trksid=p2054502.c100227.m3827
  4. is the hose fitting at bottom of carb just a vent/overflow? Do I just run it down off the frame towards the ground
  5. Great, ordered it. Looking at the new part it should be pressed in from the outside. Thanks Az
  6. Here are the pics, if the seal in installed from the outside just a matter of removing the reverse lever and popping it out and installing a new one. If from the inside (hope not) it will be an ordeal. Any ideas where to buy the seal? Were the ones on e/bay correct?
  7. Fires right up now. Idles great, got it put back together and fixed all the lights. Everything seems to work. Cant ride it, missing rear tires. Showing up tomorrow the old ones must have been the original, no tread and full of holes and side walls cracked bad and leaking. One thing. I installed a new carb, was cheaper than a rebuild kit. There are literally no vacuum lines to It except the fuel line. Can you tell me where they connect to off the carb?
  8. I did that yes, but I think maybe a bad ign switch and other things added to the problem. The thing is since I jumped the relay and put it back to normal, it starts up fine. Ill just leave it if it stays working, if not will try to replace the relay.
  9. I have a couple other topics on this Bayou but this one is the reverse lever seal is leaking. Talked to the dealer and have no listing on the seal. Looks fairly simple but is the seal installed from the outside of crankcase or from the inside before I remove it. Next question where can I get the new part? I found these on ebay but not sure if they fit. any ideas where to buy it? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kawasaki-KLF220-88-02-Bayou-KLF250-03-10-Winderosa-822138-Engine-Oil-Seal-Kit/352356942519?fits=Year%3A1995|Model%3ABayou+220|Make%3AKawasaki&epid=209928936&hash=item520a1c42b7:g:ZKUAAOSwx6pYooaN:sc:USPSFirstClass!78006!US!-1
  10. Ok some updates, I replaced ign switch even though seemed to work properly. I started with pull starter, still wont crank. But ran and when shut key off the engine shuts off now! Today decided to recheck relay, 12v on Brown key on Green - 1.2 Ohms key off Green - 101.7 Ohms Key On! I jumped the 2 Blqck wires and it cranks and starts with the starter button now. I reconnect everything relay included and now it starts no matter what? I am assuming problem with the n/safety switch? Don't think it should change just with key on and off or am I thinking wrong.
  11. Waiting for day off to continue. Yea is a pain to fix others rig. Looking at the harness and other wiring I really don't see any other areas where they messed with it. Looks pretty stock and no burns or messed up wiring. Ill check the regulator on Friday and also see which one had power at ign. I did check starter switch and is open so figure its bad. Now I tried to jump wires on opposite end of connector and still no crank with key on and off. LOL at least im not posting trash just to get a download
  12. LOL, Now I know what he meant when I asked for the keys and he said they don't use the keys. I will check those on next day off. Thanks Az
  13. No haven't. What am I looking for? How to test
  14. Yes, checked ign switch. Has 12v. and neutral light lights up and reverse light comes on when in reverse. I did check for continuity on the starter switch. With it unplugged while pressing the start button its open. Guessing the switch is bad? Can I jump the 2 wires and see if it cranks? Hoping replacing the switch will fix it. I do have the 12v at the relay with key on. Last, is it normal for the engine to continue running and start with the key off and kill switch open? Running of magneto? Kinda weird but it works. The only thing that keeps it from starting with the pull starter is the kill switch, Key on or off.
  15. Which clip are you referring to ? Do I unplug the main connector? Not sure what you mean Also update. I started it up today, Just pull started it as it still no crank. Drove it around, I cleaned the kill switch and it now works. Couple of problems, 1st while running if I turn off the key it stays running, will only stop if I use kill switch. With ign. off I can start it if kill switch is off. Seems ign. only runs accessories with elect. Is this correct?

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