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  2. Gotta say i miss you guys, i havnt been into the sport at all as of late, But i still love ATVs and offroading! Ive mainly been focusing on heads up drag racing. But ill be around a little bit more because of winter, what have you guys been doing?
  3. oh dang, i really messed that one up just as if i was typing like outlander LOL
  4. :aargh:YAY!!11oneone Who are you excited to see play? Whats your favorite team/s? I'm going for colts of course. discuss
  5. indiana, go to the badlands you will have a blast:)
  6. Honda sucks to the point of their notable reliability? you say get a older 2stroke, So does that mean 250r sucks too?
  7. actually youd get more money from it by parting it out, go to exriders.com and then their forum. put it on forsale section say youre parting it out, probably make 2k.
  8. saw it on craigslist, glws, im sure its a easy fix. i have a few ideas myself.
  9. Good trail quad, but for speed and racing then no.

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