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  1. I would reccomend the raptor 700r. A year 2006 in alright condition can be easily found for $3,000(at least in Mass). Its got crazy power plus its pretty reliable. EFI is another added bonus along with reverse.
  2. yeah raptor 700 would probably be the best all around choice...
  3. Hey does the the 2006 yfz450 have alot of problems and issues? im thinking of getting one and i need to know asap...thank you
  4. Is it a REALLY good deal or is just the average price that these year atvs get sold for?
  5. Im going to see a 2006 RAPTOR 700r se 50th anniversary edtion. It is in good condition and going for $3,000. Do you guys think this is a good deal? plz comment. thank you
  6. Hey just another thing, is $3,000 a good price for a 2006 raptor 700r se 50th anniversary edition? The quad is excellent shape and looks like it hasnt been used much. I am heading tomorrow to buy one and i want to know if this is a good deal im getting or if i could get a raptor 700 in excellent condition for less than $3,000? I need to know as soon as possible. thank you
  7. thanks man i will keep all this in mind. hopefully by this saturday i will be in possession of a raptor...
  8. Thanks man im going to go probably in the next couple of days to look at a 2006 raptor 700r se and im most likely going to buy it, can you give me some tips as what to look for? Because i really dont know anything about raptors and i have no idea really what problems to look for....
  9. yo is that an 06 se that you have? i was looking at one and i was wondering if $3,000 is a good price for one that is in extremely good condition.
  10. What common problems does the yfz 450 and raptor 700 have? Are there any specific problems for specific years? thx
  11. Thanks MAN!! you saved me from a major mistake. also i believe the year that the raptor 700 came out was 2006 and it didnt have reservoir shocks and other stuff...so i was wondering is it safe to buy an 06 and will it have any major defficiencies that years 07 and up dont have? thanks
  12. And im doing a mix of trail and track. Cuz the trails have long flat stretches on them where i could reach up to 6th gear(on my blaster) and still not be going fast enough. But theres also alot of woods riding so its really a mix of both. thnx for all posts they are appreciated.-
  13. O and the reason im only looking at yamaha is because i dont like the honda lineup. Their older 400ex quad are uncomfortable to use and their newer 700 machines are way too expensive. PLus several of my relatives who im going to be doing most of my riding with have hondas and i just want to get something different.
  14. Could you tell me what year and up its ok to buy for the 450 and 700? Cuz i almost bought an 06 raptor 700 but it had a throttle problem and i decided not to. Could also tell me how the raptor 350 compares to the others? Cuz i see alot of them for sale and they are alot cheaper. thnx
  15. Im not really new to the atv community ive been riding for several years now,(i had a yamaha blaster) but now i feel its time to upgrade and need some professional advice. I sold my atv and am now looking at a Yamaha Raptor 700 , yfz450 , and maybe a banshee. I need to know what major or minor problems each one of these models has and what year-specific problems there are. I also want to know what the major difference betweent the yfz450 and the raptor 700 is. Is the 450 just as powerful? Is it more reliable? What year of each model would you reccomend(i cant get a new one and im only interested in years 06-08). Any info would be very helpful. Please reply soon cuz im going to be looking at a couple this week and i want to buy one as soon as possible and ride. Thank you.

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