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  1. nice man!! I'm trying to get one but again money is severly tight for me. But i try to make it work. My quad right now is sh!t. all well though at least its a quad!! Thanks for the help mate!!
  2. Well I just would like something that i can race with and be able to keep it going for a while. And I live at 425 feet. So once the snow level gets to about 500 feet I get snow. I am betting the engine would last a while if i took good care of it.
  3. ok thanks i was just wonderin, cuz im looking at getting either an 05 or an 05. The new one is to expencive Speed_Demond
  4. Hey I was watching youtube and saw what the yfz can do. Im thinking about getting the 06 has anybody had a problems with this modle of the YFZ. I know i should get the newest model but i dont have that much cash lieing around. Thanks for the help Speed_Demond
  5. So, if i break in the atv proporly how often would I be replacing the rings on the piston?? I think I read one of you two putting 10-15 hours.
  6. Wow, looks like i am going to be busy taking care of this quad when I get enough money to buy one. Thanks for all of the help guys!
  7. Ok thanks! Now if only the 08 yfz's had a tacometer I would be freaking stoked lol!! I know i will keep that air filter clean. Its hella hard on my '86 lol, go figure honda wasnt very smart way back then unlike they are now.
  8. Ok thanks!! I might even use my racing quad for just some riding around. Right now I have a '86 TRX200SX quad, I love the thing but its time to move up to the 400's or the 450's.
  9. Ok so I might want to go with the standard YFZ and not the race one for woods racing, and if I do want to go into the MX racing get the R>
  10. Ok thanks a lot guys for all the posts. Helps me out a lot. For me I am thinking about cross country or track, but mainly cross country because I am so used to the bumps I guess lol. Thank you all again for the posts, it really does help me choose. Speed_Demond
  11. ok thanks!! A quick question if i where to go into racing would the 450r be the best choice? Then for trail and leaserly riding does the latest one have a reverse? Thanks for your help!! Speed_Demond
  12. Hi, new to this site, and was wondering which YFZ450 year you like the best? I am looking into buying one but do not know which one to get, and would like your guy's opinion. Thanks! Speed_Demond
  13. I was going to get this quad at first but now I am going to get the YFZ450. But it's a great little quad and great looking at the same time.

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