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  1. Roostin

    Rate My ATV Pictures

    I was actually thinking of this one more. I actually took it.
  2. Roostin

    Rate My ATV Pictures

    We have better pictures on here though. The ones I took of Joe
  3. Roostin

    introducing myself

    Who?.......Me?.. I've had a lot of things going on in my life. I think this is the first time I have logged on in over a month.
  4. I know this was out all last year, but it is still neat to see. Jingle Bells Wizards of Winter
  5. Roostin

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    A bit late, but I hope everyone had a good day with friends and/or family.
  6. Roostin

    Who rides in the snow?

    I never have any snow to ride in. That is the one bad thing about CA.
  7. Roostin

    R.I.P yamaha

    Rebuild the thing. It is fun to tear apart a motor. I had to rebuild my first street bike before I rode it. I mean what do you lose, you have either lost the trike, or you have gained a bunch of knowledge in rebuilding the engine.
  8. Roostin

    Do you have a MySpace profile?

    My Profile Take a look at the blog, it is where I put some of the photos.
  9. Roostin

    Any Race fans?

    I just watch them on TV. Not sure of to much local.
  10. Roostin

    introducing myself

    Welcome to the board. I think you will enjoy a growing community here.
  11. Roostin

    2007 Outlander 800 H.O. EFI

    http://www.brp.com/en-US/Products/CanAm/Showroom/Renegade.htm I am liking the Renegade too.
  12. Roostin

    ATV hunting accessories

    People actually use ATV's for other things than shredding dirt and mud.