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  1. I was actually thinking of this one more. I actually took it.
  2. We have better pictures on here though. The ones I took of Joe
  3. Who?.......Me?.. I've had a lot of things going on in my life. I think this is the first time I have logged on in over a month.
  4. I know this was out all last year, but it is still neat to see. Jingle Bells Wizards of Winter
  5. A bit late, but I hope everyone had a good day with friends and/or family.
  6. I never have any snow to ride in. That is the one bad thing about CA.
  7. Rebuild the thing. It is fun to tear apart a motor. I had to rebuild my first street bike before I rode it. I mean what do you lose, you have either lost the trike, or you have gained a bunch of knowledge in rebuilding the engine.
  8. My Profile Take a look at the blog, it is where I put some of the photos.
  9. I just watch them on TV. Not sure of to much local.
  10. Welcome to the board. I think you will enjoy a growing community here.
  11. http://www.brp.com/en-US/Products/CanAm/Showroom/Renegade.htm I am liking the Renegade too.
  12. People actually use ATV's for other things than shredding dirt and mud.
  13. Yeah, same stuff. Even since then things have changed because of thr fire near Frank Raines.
  14. I have two extra training wheels, and you have one. :tongue: The last Two Wheeled contraption that I owned was back in 74..Honda Z50 You need to plan on the BIG RIDE Next year...Start lookin for a 3 Wheeled thingy now....Check the Events page for Details:wink: We do a huge ride evey year wit our Motorcycle group. Last year there was over 100 rider, but about 6 quads. You from around the bay area?
  15. I have two extra training wheels, and you have one. :tongue:
  16. I have only used this style of forum once. I like VBulletin a lot and it has most of the standard stuff built in. Has anyone else noticed that standard is spelled wrong on the account type, or just me so far?
  17. I am going to try. I have other plans in the morning though.
  18. Many have signed, but it is a CA bill.
  19. Just in from the BLM: The BLM invites the public for a workshop at the Hollister Field Office at 1pm June 17, 2006. The following are primary items for discussion: 1) OHMVR (Green Sticker) Grants - public review of draft, comments and discussion 2) Fee program - share proposed structure and mechanisms 3) Special Events - Cost recovery - discuss and answer questions The Field Office is located at 20 Hamilton Court in Hollister. Please call if you need directions or want additional information. Brian White Clear Creek Project Coordinator BLM - Hollister Field Office (831) 630-5044 They are holding on a Saturday to give more people an opportunity to attend. Ride Hollister in the morning then stop by the BLM office in the afternoon.
  20. California Senator Barbara Boxer is preparing to create more Wilderness areas, which will have the net effect of reducing the acreage available for off-road riding. Please read the petition below and if you agree with it, there is a link at the bottom which will allow you to sign it. Oh... and please feel free to forward to your friends and other forums. To: Senator Barbara Boxer of California We the undersigned, are concerned about the closure of off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreational areas throughout California. We understand that in the near future you will be proposing many new Wilderness Areas in California. This is of great concern to us because the primary effect of Wilderness designation is the reduction of access especially for recreation (the "no mechanized transport" rule of the Wilderness Designation Act, prevents even bicycle access). Any lands proposed for Wilderness Designation must meet the suitability and manageability test. Much public land in the west has wilderness character. Just because it has a wild character does not mean that the lands are appropriate for this most restrictive management designation. These continual land closures are really a recipe for disaster. Statistics from the California Department of Parks and Recreation show that the actual acreage available for OHV use in California has declined by 47% in recent years while registration of OHVs has practically doubled. Squeezing more OHVs onto less land can only result in an increase in illegal off-road activities in areas not designated for motorized recreational use as well as increased impacts in legal OHV areas. This most extreme of land designation should not be taken lightly. Wilderness has real, long-term consequences for California. Please consider this issue carefully before sending any bills for additional Wilderness Area designations to Congress. Thank you for consideration. Sincerely, The Undersigned [link=http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?boxer&13501]CLICK HEAR TO SIGN THE PETITION[/link]

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