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  1. What it ended up being was the crank seal poped out.
  2. We started a new ATV Club in Ohio, If anyone is interesting in joining.Buckeye Riders
  3. Going to fix this weekend...It has a bad crankshaft seal. The oil is comming from behind the flywheel.
  4. yes its a 2-stroke, and the gas cap might be a good idea cause the fuel petcock is ran from the vacuum of the carb. But i still dont know where all the oil is comming from.
  5. I have been working on this quad for a buddy. When he brought it over it didnt run. Well removed the carb and cleaned well...then changed the o-rings and changed the spark plug. After all that i put it back together and hit the starter. It started up after cranking a while and ran for about 5 min. and then bogged and died. And wouldnt restart.I cranked for a while and it kinda speeds up like it gonna start but just wont. I let it set for awhile and bam it started agian..and then the same thing, after about 5 min. of running it just boggs and dies. I did a compression check and got 125, so im ok there. But i did notice a lot of oil on top of head. I cleaned it off and when i ran it till it died i noticed that all that oil was back. Could i have a blown head gasket?
  6. Bandit


    I wish that would be sweet
  7. the only trike i have ever had was the BIG RED!
  8. In the user cp, i have - Edit Signature Edit Email & Password Edit Profile Edit Options Edit Avatar Edit Profile Picture thats my option on the left
  9. I must be a retard, i dont see anything that your telling me...lol I click user CP, the edit signature, under there it has a page that looks just like the window to type your message for the forums. It has everything the same but the image button. It has insert link,insert email link,Warp,Code, Wrap Html, andWrap php. but nothing for image.
  10. on the edit signature i dont see the add image....i see it for post tho

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