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  1. Frank Angerano, we are in Eastern Oregon..
  2. I have an older Polaris that I like, 2 wheel drive, but goes where I need. It is smaller and lighter. DH has a Yamaha Kodiak 4x4, it is ok, but bigger and heavier.
  3. Me, too! I was looking for a specific manual when I found this forum!
  4. All the time. I, too, never take my ring off. Never had any problem. Enjoy!
  5. Much older than most, probably 40 when I first rode. Polaris 2 wheel drive. Still have it.
  6. I have two that are 1996s. One is in really great shape, the other has had some engine work. Just depends on how they are maintained, I think.
  7. We use ours mostly for hunting here in Oregon.
  8. We used one for several years on a 2 wheel drive Polaris. It was so worth the money.
  9. New to ATVs, live in Oregon, use them mostly for hunting.

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