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    Impressed with the amount of manuals

    Yea Im a newbie also and the amount of help on this site is awesome!
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    ATV Trailer Dump Cart

    Dont have 1 but Id like to.
  3. Im impressed with the amt of manuals ya got here
  4. Alan Callison

    5 Mistakes ATV Beginners Make

    good article
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    New member

    Hi everybody!
  6. Hi ya'll. I just got a 04 Kodiak 400 and Im confused.The left rear wheel moves like the bearing is shot so I figured its a quick fix. Much to my dismay when I looked at it before I tore into it ,it appears to have a drum brake-no bearing on the wheel. As this is the first time Id be working on a 4 wheeler job Im a bit hesitant. The manual only shows this has disk brakes.Its a sealed drum right behind the wheel.I pulled the wheel of expecting to find a bearing.Nope! Ive never done it before but it appears Ill have to pull the axle out to replace the bearing. Am I correct and if I am can anyone give me some advice on how to do it.The repair manual isn't much help. Thanks alot!