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  1. Alan Callison

    2004 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Ultramatic help

    Yea,I was thinking hard about either one of your ideas but I broke down and bought a 20" punch last night. Ill have it if I ever need it again I guess.
  2. Alan Callison

    How did you get into Quads?

    I always wanted one when I was a kid but mom & dad couldnt afford it. I grew up got married had kids,all that responsible adult stuff and just forgot about it till around 2 years ago.The kids are all grown up and mostly moved out now.No wife to worry about so I figured what the heck. I found an old 04 kodiak 400 for a reasonable price and oicked it up.Loving it ever since. I just wish someone had told me its not a cheap hobby lol.
  3. Alan Callison

    2004 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Ultramatic help

    Ok making some progress.Pulled the axle out (thanks Frank).It was a mess inside on both sides.Bearings felt like they were welded in place but I got the right side fixed.Now the left...I need a real long punch to get this bearing out.Can anyone point me in the right direction where to beg borrow or steal one?lol.jk.How long of a punch is needed. I looked on Amazon and they had a 20" punch. think that might work? Actually its a 20" x 5/8 " punch. Seems big enough.Sorry if these questions seem dumb but Im learning as I go! Thx.
  4. Alan Callison

    Yamaha 400 Kodiak 4x4 help please.

    ok,well I guess ?Id better get to ciphering then!
  5. Alan Callison

    2004 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Ultramatic help

    So I wont mess it up any?
  6. Alan Callison

    Yamaha 400 Kodiak 4x4 help please.

    I cant see where this lever will work without some kind of extra piece.
  7. Alan Callison

    2004 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Ultramatic help

    I just picked up that seal puller. Thanks.Now with that being said. Im having trouble pulling the axle out. Its a solid 1 piece and I pulled everything off of it on both sides.I put the nut back on the left side and with an impact socket over the axle end I started banging away. And banging.And banging some more. Ignore the nut on the axle of the 2nd pic I wasn't hitting the right side before anyone asks! lol. Did I miss something? I was told that after I took everything off the axle it would just slide out with a little hammertime. Do I have to remove a clip or something in the final drive maybe? I was using an 8 lb or so mallet so I had enough hammer I think. Was I not using enough muscle? After a few more swings I stopped not wanting to take the chance of destroying anything in the F drive. Was I too cautious? Another thing, (I did pick up the repair manual but it doesn't give a step by step description of how to). If I ever get the axle out,is there any particular method of installing the seals and bearings? Im a newbie at these toys so please bear with me. I seek the knowledge of more experienced individuals! lol. Help me Obi Wan! Thanks folks! I appreciate the help!
  8. Alan Callison

    2004 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Ultramatic help

    Great Wanrep.I picked up the bearing replacement kit Im ready to go now Thank you. Ive run into another question tho,lol,never ends does it?! The cover plate #30 has a dust seal in the center. I got one at the local sport shop but they gave me the wrong part.The new one looks like just a big metal washer.I watched the parts guy pull it up on the comp,he put the right part # in but when it arrived it looked like a washer about the size of a silver dollar,maybe just a bit bigger. Im gonna take a pic back to him with the part # so I can get the right piece. I need to replace it cause its all torn up but I see that its apparently glued in place. Is that normal? I tried removing it but its gonna take alot of scraping to get it done. I had one heck of a time trying to scrape it out.I figured Id stop and ask someone before I went any further. My question is will I have to glue the new one in or not?The cover is in decent shape still so I dont want to have to buy a new one cause I couldnt get the old seal out. And 1 question if I may,lol,sorry but Im learning on this machine. The brake shoe plate #16, where it bolts on to the gear case.I didnt see any kind of seal or gasket that would keep any junk out. Should I just RTV it up and slap it on or do I need to do anything else to it? Thanks for the help to you and everybody else.I really appreciate it btw.
  9. Great,Thanks! Now how about installing it? Are there any clips or something that holds it in place? Just replace the oil seals and bearings and thats it?
  10. Hello boys and girls!:howdy:I need a little help if ya dont mind.I need to replace the rear axle bearings on my 400 but Im going at this blind having never done it before. Ive looked it up in the repair manual but it doesn't give any specific steps on how to do it. I've got the left rear brakes off already as I was replacing the shoes anyway. Can somebody give me a rundown on what Ive gotta do please?I know I need to pull the right wheel off just havent done that yet. Do I need to take anything apart in the final drive or elsewhere in order to yank the axle out for instance? Which side does the axle come out from,L or R? Any details I need to know will be greatly appreciated.Thanks ya'll!
  11. Alan Callison

    Bayou 220

    Yea I hear that Frank.Great advise!
  12. Alan Callison

    Bayou 220

    They do.Ive got 2 of them so,lol, one of them is usually running!
  13. Alan Callison

    Bayou 220

    Yea I hear ya Frank.I do enjoy doing the work,it gives me something to do but wow,its like when I get one thing done I find something else that needs fixing.Oh well,they say when u buy used your buying somebody else's problem!Its all good tho,its enjoyable.
  14. Alan Callison

    1988 Yamaha Big Bear 350 Need Upper Ball Joint

    So are you saying an upper ball joint cannot be replaced at all?Just buy a new c-arm? wow.