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  1. Dont know Kid bought it with the hole in it and plugged it. I could maybe see a hole underneath,but on top? JacobSlabach,as far as I know,besides the hole in the rearend,it needs plastic and rear axle bearings. Thats why I needed to know for sure what it is. A model year would help too,lol
  2. Yea,JB weld to the rescue
  3. OK ya'll.My son bought this thing and was told its a Kaw Bayou 300. Maybe. I cant find any numbers on it.The one tag I did find its so faded as to be unreadable. Its a long shot but maybe someone can help ID it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Id considered just wiring up a couple of small cable clips like that using some 10 gauge wire and a ring terminal to each battery terminal and just let them hang out in the battery compartment. Just clamp each clip to each jumper cable.Being careful they have no way to contact each other of course.I wasn't sure if a 10 g wire would be big enough tho.
  5. OK Guys,this may seem like a dumb question but here goes. Ya know those tiny battery terminal posts on the battery? Well does anyone know of some mod or a part I can buy or scrounge or make that makes it easier to get a set of jumper cables on the terminal itself without having to take the battery out?
  6. Yea I got a rim finally.Weeee! Im riding again.Thanks for the help everyone.
  7. OK ya'll.I need your help again.My ATV, 2004 Yam Kodiak 400 4x4,needs a new REAR rim or wheel what have you,whatever term you prefer. I've posted pics here as you can see.The tire is a 25x10.00x12 . As you can see its a deep REAR rim.I cannot seem to find a deep REAR rim. (Capitalization for emphasis) . The only sizes I can find listed are for both the front and rear wheels which is 12x7 4/110. This doesn't help me much. So,who can help me out? Im getting desperate now!LOL!
  8. Almost done.Got another question first. I put the brake cover on but it was very tight.I had to tighten the 6 bolts to pull it all the way on.Did I do something wrong? The axle still turns and look at this pic please.Did I put the cover seal on backwards?
  9. Yea,I was thinking hard about either one of your ideas but I broke down and bought a 20" punch last night. Ill have it if I ever need it again I guess.
  10. I always wanted one when I was a kid but mom & dad couldnt afford it. I grew up got married had kids,all that responsible adult stuff and just forgot about it till around 2 years ago.The kids are all grown up and mostly moved out now.No wife to worry about so I figured what the heck. I found an old 04 kodiak 400 for a reasonable price and oicked it up.Loving it ever since. I just wish someone had told me its not a cheap hobby lol.
  11. Ok making some progress.Pulled the axle out (thanks Frank).It was a mess inside on both sides.Bearings felt like they were welded in place but I got the right side fixed.Now the left...I need a real long punch to get this bearing out.Can anyone point me in the right direction where to beg borrow or steal one?lol.jk.How long of a punch is needed. I looked on Amazon and they had a 20" punch. think that might work? Actually its a 20" x 5/8 " punch. Seems big enough.Sorry if these questions seem dumb but Im learning as I go! Thx.
  12. ok,well I guess ?Id better get to ciphering then!
  13. I cant see where this lever will work without some kind of extra piece.
  14. I just picked up that seal puller. Thanks.Now with that being said. Im having trouble pulling the axle out. Its a solid 1 piece and I pulled everything off of it on both sides.I put the nut back on the left side and with an impact socket over the axle end I started banging away. And banging.And banging some more. Ignore the nut on the axle of the 2nd pic I wasn't hitting the right side before anyone asks! lol. Did I miss something? I was told that after I took everything off the axle it would just slide out with a little hammertime. Do I have to remove a clip or something in the final drive m

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