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  1. wheeler0801


  2. that fast on a gravel road? you're braveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. Welcome I wish I could afford to just order a new quad.....LOL....pictures please!!!!!!! and CONGRATS on the new ride!
  4. Central NY?! That's where I'm from Do you ride, race?
  5. goood evening....it seems i can't ever get here until at night so i'll never get to say good morning LOL
  6. awww, i dont have that 400ex i posted about before......rocking the KTM now still a sport quad chick though!!
  7. you mean in summer? LOL.....my wardrobe consists of one color......PINKKKKKKKK
  8. I hope you do get to come to a WNYOA event....our riders are very nice, very loyal....and ALWAYS looking for good shots of them slinging mud and dirt....... I'd be MORE than happy to help you in anyway I could.....except feeding you. Yep, not feeding you dinner. or cookies. or breakfast. or brownies. ok, maybe brownies cause I have them with me nearly every weekend....LMAO :)
  9. we had a honda 450r for 3 DAYS before it was stolen.....I wish we could get it back, we were making payments to a friend and he just let us take it before paying it off....it was realllllllllllllllly hard to pay over $2000 for somethign we didn't even have anymore....but it was the right thing to do.
  10. BB--you're telling me, I've missed all you jokesters How's the ride??
  11. AJM---I know, it is like a reunion.....where the heck is MWKE and Bot? Did they get wrapped up in life's events like myself and have to take a break???
  12. ...not to mention 400ex's are bulletproof.....I just sold my 2000, well, you can't really call it a true 2000 model because its got parts from every year on it......but anyways, I sold it for $2500 with a ton of aftermarkets on it....it seems like someone's always looking for a 400...I only had it for sale a week!!!!!!!!!! They came with cash in hand to pick it up, pink frame and all : )
  13. TOM! I wish you would come shoot one of our races, I get so jealous seeing all of your photos on Facebook...... I'd say welcome back, but I just wandered back on the site tonight for the first time in a longgggggg time myself.... haha!!

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