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  1. wheeler0801


  2. wheeler0801

    The Official Good morning thread!

    k....goooooooooooood morning lol
  3. wheeler0801


    that fast on a gravel road? you're braveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. wheeler0801

    Hello, New and stopping in to say "HI"

    Welcome I wish I could afford to just order a new quad.....LOL....pictures please!!!!!!! and CONGRATS on the new ride!
  5. wheeler0801

    New from NY

    Central NY?! That's where I'm from Do you ride, race?
  6. wheeler0801

    The Official Good morning thread!

    goood evening....it seems i can't ever get here until at night so i'll never get to say good morning LOL
  7. wheeler0801

    For you sport quad guys!

    awww, i dont have that 400ex i posted about before......rocking the KTM now still a sport quad chick though!!
  8. you mean in summer? LOL.....my wardrobe consists of one color......PINKKKKKKKK
  9. I hope you do get to come to a WNYOA event....our riders are very nice, very loyal....and ALWAYS looking for good shots of them slinging mud and dirt....... I'd be MORE than happy to help you in anyway I could.....except feeding you. Yep, not feeding you dinner. or cookies. or breakfast. or brownies. ok, maybe brownies cause I have them with me nearly every weekend....LMAO :)
  10. wheeler0801

    ATV theft question

    we had a honda 450r for 3 DAYS before it was stolen.....I wish we could get it back, we were making payments to a friend and he just let us take it before paying it off....it was realllllllllllllllly hard to pay over $2000 for somethign we didn't even have anymore....but it was the right thing to do.
  11. wheeler0801

    Guessss who's backkkk!??!! :) :)

    BB--you're telling me, I've missed all you jokesters How's the ride??
  12. wheeler0801

    Guessss who's backkkk!??!! :) :)

    AJM---I know, it is like a reunion.....where the heck is MWKE and Bot? Did they get wrapped up in life's events like myself and have to take a break???
  13. wheeler0801

    Prices of used ATVs gone up?

    ...not to mention 400ex's are bulletproof.....I just sold my 2000, well, you can't really call it a true 2000 model because its got parts from every year on it......but anyways, I sold it for $2500 with a ton of aftermarkets on it....it seems like someone's always looking for a 400...I only had it for sale a week!!!!!!!!!! They came with cash in hand to pick it up, pink frame and all : )
  14. TOM! I wish you would come shoot one of our races, I get so jealous seeing all of your photos on Facebook...... I'd say welcome back, but I just wandered back on the site tonight for the first time in a longgggggg time myself.... haha!!