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  1. mikenacarato

    Went to ride my blaster...

    the bike kept running after it fell off. i though at first i had popped it into neutral on accident only to realize every gear was like neutral. i looked back and...well theres the chain.....crap
  2. mikenacarato

    Went to ride my blaster...

    im pretty sure everything is ok with it, minus the chain master link and the sprocket. i guess once i get everything back on it i will find out.
  3. mikenacarato

    Went to ride my blaster...

    i always keep it lubed, im prettuy sure it was because the chain was not adjusted right. ive never touched it and always though it may be a little loose and i guess it was.
  4. mikenacarato

    Went to ride my blaster...

    The master link popped out and the chain fell off. While this was happening it shredded the teeth off the countershaft sprocket. Good news is its only $30 to fix. Ordered a new sprocket and master link and i will take the messed up link out of the chain. the chain was real long anyways which more than likely caused all of this.
  5. mikenacarato

    removing TORS on blaster

    i wanna say its just a yamaha thing but im not sure. if you look above your carb cap where the cable goes into it, if you see a gian box attached to it then you have a TORS setup. mines been giving my some trouble lately so i ordered a removal kit and wanted to see if someone has done it because im not one for drilling into my carb.
  6. mikenacarato

    Sunday Ride

  7. mikenacarato

    ATV theft question

    cool, ill check it out
  8. mikenacarato

    removing TORS on blaster

    anyone ever removed the tors on a blaster? i ordered a removal kit and want to know if anyone has done this.
  9. mikenacarato

    What do you wear when riding?

    just a helmet and gloves for me usually, recently i cracked my rib and sternum though so im getting some chest pads.
  10. mikenacarato

    Post Count

    i think im gonna try and get somewhere on that list. haha
  11. mikenacarato

    ATV theft question

    i was reading all the atv theft posts and it got me thinking. when i got my blaster from the guy who sold it to me, he didnt know a whole lot about what had been done to it and was very eager to get rid of it. where can i type my vin in and see if i have purchased a stolen atv?
  12. mikenacarato

    Who are you????

    i am the guy. i guess im good at remebering things...plus...im in love...
  13. mikenacarato

    Who are you????

    Weve been dating for 1 year and 3 months this friday.
  14. mikenacarato

    Who went riding this weekend?

    I rode every day this weekend! Didnt ride in the rain but rode after it was done raining...got all muddy!