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  1. if you build it right, four stroke tech has a 465 stroker kit for $650. that would be rowdy lol
  2. nothin much, what all is done to the 450r now dude
  3. im doing ok, usually stuck on car forums, 400ex has taken the back seat to a car, i just sold my honda to buy another, looking for a new car now lol
  4. no plans for the 300 really...i would have gotten it running [took nearly nothing] and sold it for twice what i bought it. only paid 600 for it and it runs like a champ now. but my dad wants it to ride, so whatever is done to it, it will be him doing it, i am not worried about it lol i mean really how much seat time do you think i will have on it when i have that SWEET looking 400ex near it. im switching pipes on the 400 though. white brothers r4 coming soon. getting it cheap. oh and how do you guys like the paint on the exhaust, cases and heat shield? it is holding up good.
  5. hey people... i always drift away from this place for some reason. i do not know why...i love this place, do not know why i stay away. anyway. updates on the project...it is done lol go it all together, and i bought ANOTHER quad. i got a little 300ex from a guy for 600 bucks. it is a little rough but it runs and rides!! anyway here is a before and after...and there are more plans for this come winter. BEFORE: AFTER:
  6. idk, just thought it would be a killer idea. for a youth racer...no more 600$ a arms. would be a sick quad..i think every company should make a 250f class racer. ds250r outlaw 250 ltr250 Kawasaki KFX250R idk..they just should..
  7. outlaw 250 KTM 250sx motor Fox shocks adjustable a arms from stock to +2 stock razrs douglas rims dry weight around 310lbs. all that. and people will be saying "what? there is a raptor 250????"
  8. just duct tape some flashlights on there. you will have to reach over and click them on though.
  9. hey ppl. long time..well not many updates on this.. lets see where im at.. im about to send the clutch cover, throttle cover, master cylinder cover, and heat shield off for powder coating in candy red. got the HD cam chain. have yet to put it on, got some extra tires from someone, stock 20's. seat cover should be bought soon. and a hood. [maybe] o yeah and i finally got it to start..it was the plug. header still isnt painted, but it should be done soon.

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