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Engine options to fit a 2001 Yamaha Warrior


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The first thing to consider when doing an engine swap is, do you have the necessary tools, resources and enginuity to pull it off. You need to swap over not only a motor, but everything that goes with it. You will need to he handy with a welder or know someone who is, and have the necessary means to do other metal fabrication as well. Is it really going to be more benificial to do a swap or should you just fix your existing motor. That being said, I think your best bet would be an early '80's ATC 250R motor or a Blaster motor. Reason being, they are 2-strokes, so they will be smaller and easier to work with and have a better power to weight/size ratio than any 4-stroke that may be in your price range. There is going to be alot less hardware to deal with too. They are both air-cooled, so you don't need to worry about a radiator. The 250R motor will be more powerful in stock form, but there is more parts availability for the Blaster motor, and even though a stock Blaster motor is pretty tame, there is plenty of power potential there so it is a good starting point. Both motors will be smaller and lighter than the Warrior motor, and while the Blaster engine won't be much of a power gain, it has more potential than the Warrior. The 250R motor however, will be a nice boost up from the stock Warrior engine, but parts will be a little harder to find. They are still out there though, plenty of people still run the old air-cooled ATC's, and I have seen some that flat out haul as*. The one thing you will loose is the electric start and reverse, on the plus side of that, you will be ditching a decent amount of weight. The only 4-stroke motor I think you might have a chance of swapping in with your budget is a Honda 400EX motor. It would be a good upgrade, but there are more parts to work with and it would be ALOT more work. Plus, I doubt you could find everything you need in good running shape for $800.

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I found a yamaha warrior engine for $300 but it needs to be bored so im ggoing to put a big bore kit on it...do U think Italy good idea

I would go with a big bore kit and a stage one hotcam. The site that Trailblazer mentioned has a decent price on the kit. The big bore stroker kit he mentioned might end up being outside of your budget when it is all said and done. Here is a site that has a 370cc big bore kit and they will do all the machine work too for less than $279. Or, they will do a stock size piston kit with machine work for $169. They will re-work your head, install a cam and set the valvle lash for $160. I would just call them up, tell them what you want and see what they are going to charge. The prices seem good, so I am sure you can wind up with a strong running motor with a decent boost in power and still stay inside your budget. Here is a link to the site. Yamaha Warrior performance kit.

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