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  1. Thanks for the info and for the smart ass wit da rubberbands get right and put them around your neck
  2. So are y'all saying its a bad idea for a four stroke because before i got my current warrior a dude tried to sell me a warrior wit power bands installed
  3. Ya im here u never left just been looking for some bands
  4. I found a yamaha warrior engine for $300 but it needs to be bored so im ggoing to put a big bore kit on it...do U think Italy good idea
  5. I need some help trying to find a engine with alot of torque and power that can fit on my 2001 yamaha warrior frame Or if you can tell me some places to look
  6. To make it faster i drag race my warrior and its black also looking for black bands...nitro that you mix wit gas
  7. I need someone to help me find some power bands for my 2002 yamaha warrior 350 running on nitro.

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