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  1. Nice wylde1!! I will post some pics in a little bit. I'm going to Glamis this new years so hhopefully I can learn a new trick or two out there too.
  2. Haha, thanks Cheriah!! Definitely can't wait to kick some ass at Glamis over new years.
  3. Well, I'm a lady, so.... Why are you on it? Lol
  4. I ride a yfz450. I'm trying to save up to make it a top notch duner and optimal for jumping. I love it stock already. Has good power. Can still beat a lot of the guys and that's what it's all about yeah?? Haha
  5. I've been riding for as long as I can remember, but I have recently started to really wonder about the racing/pro world. Are any of you ladies pros or do a lot of racing? If so, what kind, how did you get started, how spendy is it, etc? I would probably be most interested in MX racing or some kind of jumping/trick competitions. Any of you have sponsors as well?
  6. My name is Leah, 21, born and raised in Vegas. I live in Reno right now for college though. I grew up on a quad.. worked my way up from a 50 and now ride a yfz450. I've got a few mods on it. But nothing major, yet.. I ride, jump, and race at the sand dunes. Always love to better my riding and jumping. Gotta out do the boys.
  7. My name is Leah, and I just got my quad up to Reno, NV with me. I ride a yfz450. I ride primarily at the sand dunes where I love to find big jumps to air out. I also love trying new tricks in the air. Most recently I've accomplished the point and look. Next is a no hander. Of course, getting on the line and racing and beating some boys out there is always fun too!!
  8. http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af286/yfz450kindagirl/VIDEO0066_0000003767_zpsa1e8289c.jpg That's a pic of me on a small jump this past weekend. Now for tips... I'm not sure where you ride and what kind of jumps you wish to do, but I'm a duner myself. So, when finding a jump at the sand dunes I would advise the following... When you first find a possible jump, go over it slowly in second gear, get hardly any air or even roll over it. This will give you the feel of the lip, if it will launch you out, up high, and/or crooked. Then you work up your speed. When come up to the jump have a steady speed. When you get to the base of the jump, accelerate to a faster speed at which you're comfortable jumping at. If you feel you want more speed as you get closer to the lip, then accelerate a little more. When jumping, have a steady throttle going off the lip. In the air if your nose is diving give it some gas. If your nose is real high (lime a wheelie in the air) then tap the break. This will even you pit in the air. For landing. You want to start giving your quad some gas right before you land and hold it steady through the landing. By giving it gas for the landing it will make it smooth instead of bouncing you around like a rag doll (trust me, the latter is no fun). Practice makes perfect!! Just take it slow and definitely want to be comfortable with how the lip launches you before you try going big on the jump. Hope this helps!

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