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  1. I have had mine completely done for awhile now. Moved the rear axle back right at 18". Installed a second side gate. Now I can load 2 ATV's on one trailer without having to pick one up and turn side ways. It is really nice and pulls like a dream. With 2 ATV's 1 400ex at roughly 410lbs plus givin all the add ons, and a DS650 500lbs+ all addons I dont even have to turn overdrive off on my truck to pull it. And yes I even fixed the leg haha. I still want to remove it and install a swing up style as the gearing in this one is very slow an all the way up I can still here it drag now and then on big bumps. Swing up style wouldnt do anything at all.
  2. Will end up like every other atv game out there. Pretty crappy. Nothing beats getting on the real thing and after about 5min jumping a fake bike or atv and doing the exact same stunts gets really old. Im not wasting my money on it im getting Left 4 Dead 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and BattleField BadCompany 2.
  3. Sign this petition to try and get quads into the X-Games/Gravity games. Freestyle ATV motocross in the X Games and/or Gravity Games Petition I think one day we will see them at the games. It'll be intense. Post at other boards lets get the word out gaining on 5000 signed so far.
  4. Maybe its cause there so fast there already raced and lined up for another run? lmao And your comparing a yfz450 to a scraptor 700 who you think is gonna win?
  5. It could be a luck of the draw kinda motor. My 400ex stock the motor and carb was pulling so much air with the stock box it wouldnt get enough air I had to mod my air box and such to get more air to it. Just wasnt enough. I dont have much in the way of mods and I can keep it pretty well even with a modded about the same TRX450 and can pull on another TRX450. He has some things hurting him though but the other it actually keeps up with him in a drag and I havent even dropped in a cam or piston yet.
  6. Just live and love the honda lmao
  7. Does anyone ride here? Its in caulfield misosuri
  8. Billy mays was a pretty cool person, Fara was as well she had some good movies. I have seen Micheals vids from early times and they were good but he went wierd I mean come on how many stupid morons will name there kids blanket cause of the lead wierdo.
  9. I might piss several ppl off or get banned from the forum, but honestly who cares? Micheal was best in the 80's and early 90"s before he flipped out and become a freaky wierdo. And honestly I think ppl put to much into someone dieing! If I died tomorrow no one would give a crap some freaky weirdo dies and the whole world morns. 3 other ppl died during the same week and no one cares about them. ppl say goodbye to micheal, I say good riddence!
  10. Different Angles Side view my dad got and a bottom view I got notice the light in the bottom pic and the dust boiling. And on the top pic how none of that showed up without the sun like it was weired huh lol.
  11. Im all over it if it becomes a problem I can run my old stock breather kit dont think it will. The DS has been setup with a single on the crank case for awhile now with nothing wrong so far. And sorry about not getting pics. My wireless router is giving me havoc and its been hard to do anything online. Thought it was the laptop after doing everything possible to fix it moved farther down the line to the router now its just getting the right time to get online.
  12. yeah the maier wont have the places for the stock warning labels but if its true carbon it will look awesome all on its own.
  13. yup rev's higher and if its a kick start it will rev faster as well. it might had played a role in it but I dont think it could be much.
  14. Well it cant be hurting. All it is is a snorkle for the transmission and its just filtering air going into both the transmission and the carb so neither is getting raw air. Most atv's just have a hose I just dropped a big plastic box off it and put two filters. Dont think it will help but it wont hurt it either and it looks cooler lol. I will get pics been working on one my the laptops all day its being a pain and I got to finish getting the dual wileyco exhaust on the DS
  15. He is just as good a rider as I am. On the trails with everyone we ride there is no one faster over me and him. Now my cousin on his 450R LMAO dont get me started he shoulda bought a 200ex My dad is even getting better. these were not completely stock machines at the time I had a white bro's full and he had a HMF slipon and I had a UNI airfilter and he had something in his. Other than jetting that was the only thing done to them at the time. All I ride is XC style stuff. If he upped his RPM's he would beat me a bit farther his rev's out in fifth mine dont hit the full 9100 RPM.
  16. Well picked up a insane performance air box on ebay for $70 got her on today wiring all done. More than I figured several times I was and lmao stupid cylinoid. Somehow it got turned around and was jumping itself but got it figured out and got her all done kinda sorta I have it on and everything inside just gotta clean the inside up a bit. I removed quiet a bit of extra weight off it and still gotta grind off some of the brackets and such im guessing a total of 3 to 5 lbs just by changing boxes. I removed the box for the case breather and installed 2 mini K&N filters give it a dif look all together and pretty nifty if I do say so lol. Decals were on it I need to remove them since I dont have anything of it on my bike lol.
  17. Will get a new better pic tomorrow with the wiring all redone bat relocated and new nerfs it looks totally different all together.
  18. One thing you might keep in mind is the Z400, KFX400 and DVX400 are all clones the KFX and DVX being the clone of the Z. There all identical with the only difference being the shocks and the plastics. The DVX is the cheapest price tag of the bunch but the KFX has the best shocks stock. And as far as the See ya remark on a 400 to 450 not true. Drag strip my bro and law has a 06 450R and I have a 08 400ex and as it was stock to stock with just pipes and air filters on each he beat me by 2 links. That IMO aint that bad considering the price difference between the two brand new (I bought mine new that is what I was comparing). I have done some things to mine shaved lots of weight and adjusted timing and got my jetting perfect. 178 main, 42 pilot. Now I want to see what its like. I mean dont get me wrong I love things over the R vs the EX but you have to admit ("NEW") $5800 vs $7600 2 bike lengths I can stand to loose lmao.
  19. IMO I would say a 450 of sort 450R, YFZ450, LTZ450, or can am's new 450. If something smaller like the 400 would keep up but you work yourself alot harder to do it and the bike. I dont know to much about dirtbikes but on a trail the atv might be just as fast if not faster.
  20. Well dirt ya gotta remember thats a dirt bike lol there like half the wait of a atv in comparasin. compare the TRX450R and the CRF450R exact same motors but the dirt bike will scream past the ATV like its standing still lol. If your truelly wanting fast than stay on the dirtbikes. In the trails most anything could be fun.
  21. Or just go all out on a sport bike all together there alot of fun to play on.
  22. They ride awesome! I have never road anything so smooth or plush from the factory. They are low end machine with the top end as well. This one is pretty well stock and it will leave a bored out .020 raptor behind. There a very well designed machine. Only thing I dont like is the is the different than just plain DS650 and its all a bit wider more like a MX style bike at 50" in the rear its tight on trails but gets the job done.
  23. If the extra cash was available get the can am best way to go. Dont much like polaris much but thats just me.
  24. There it is I used some of my stock stuff off my 08 for it. Touched up the frame put the 08 shocks up front and the filter looked drab not even wasting the time to clean it. I had my stocker as well already oiled in the UNI bag from when I bought it lol. Just put it on there as well. Looks pretty nice now. It came with nerf's I put them on my 400 and put my AC's on it im happy with it.
  25. the raptor 350 is way old tech nice bikes run and do there job but your talkin really old. There 2 valve air cool only motor even the newer aircooled also have oil cooled as well. I wouldnt do the raptor 350 they ride weird when setting on them you feel mushed and want to stretch out like the footpegs set to far back. Go with something that sets a bit higher and you will enjoy more. If he dont want a utility but wants the 4x4 the wolverine would be the best as its 2x4 and 4x4 at a push of a button and has the same looks as the raptor 350.

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