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  2. why don't you moofers just exchange phone numbers :offtopic::offtopic::offtopic::smileysex:
  3. you obviously ignored post #8 and continue to bump what may be an insult to 3 wheeler enthusiasts participating here...... while celebrating a thread by staying on subject...you overlook your error in misplacing it in the wrong forum I will not be force fed something that isn't....comprende? while the build has skillz to admire...the finished product is pretty much limited in applications let me know when your renting it.........I need to dig some trenches for my new septic system
  4. :thatwasgay: This is all you have to remember.....put 2 or more trikers together......and IT"S BROMAGEDDEON
  5. Are you saying Im a sell-out.....NEVA!!!! Im glad you took a moment out of your time from fabrication snorkels for your local alt125riders to respond:biggrin: you may take my quote for reset on your webpage...you know,"the 1 god, 1 couuntry, 1 front wheel" thingy but 1 thing quads have in common with trikes is the rear end...not the front out here in the sand we call em BIGFOOTS....take a 500...put a dual front tire from a tomahawk style bike...and that give you the ultimate dune Bike
  6. I really have no comment other than maybe this should be in the quad forum............... you see...........WE OUTLAW TRIKERS live by a code 1 god 1 country 1 FRONT wheel
  7. It's obviously something he can handle and has a big enough seat for the EXTREME twisting he does at camp or on the bunny slopes
  8. all versions look great...but being a duner, I prefer the one rolling on the hawker, chased by the comp cuts:yes:
  9. The God of Trikes is The minister of Muttness, manipulating a muttacular machine which never sees mud..... in addition, he pimps a turbo charged pickleson with a penisaurus seat, prepared to pummel people who ride POS's It's time for you to tear down the alter you have made in your livingroom, you know the one with the pic of an ALT125 as the centerpiece and replace it with my mintness...a pristene 200x with all rubber intact (especially the shock mudflap).... I'd like to note that all my trikes have slow leaks in their front tires (which make s em VERY RARE)
  10. well...thats no MUTT....it's a totally different animal, give me a minute and I'll think of a name.... btw...very trick trike......... still cant figure how you found my hideout spot.....you musta googled, "Where does the god of trikes hang out":biggrin:
  11. I included a close up of the fuel cell so you could see my muttacular sticker application skillz
  12. yes....thats right twistheads..... fuel cell modifications balistically altered to accept lithium liquids causing the rider to spazam into a bout of tourettes Suspension slammed into the oliptical plane of perfection.... BOTTOMLINE plowed whoops and roosted flunkies
  13. yes, Honda was on the verge of producting a 1987 500R ATC before the cessation on 3 wheeler preduction became apparent Honda had produced a prototype.........with Marty Hart as the test rider, he was our link to this secret weapon Honda had on the table and the info he disclosed was interesting, and makes perfect sense, but the Trikers of today refuse to let it absorb into their thick craniums here is the MAJOR PROBLEM many Trikers go to great lengths to cram a 500cc engine in a 85/86 250R and the run around the planet claiming that it is exactly like the 500R that honda would've produced.... they are sorry misguided foos Marty Hart declared that the Honda 500R ATC for 1987 was nothing like the 250R, everything was different, the gas tank was farther up, bigger frame, etc etc the loser peeps who keep claiming that their 500 is the same as Honda's 1987 500R ATC is akin to a flunkie who crams a XL350 motor in a 1984 200x chassis and calls it exactly like a 1985 350X follow me? spred the word, The Minister of Mint
  14. Im still here, just lost a good friend and it threw me for a loop.............RIP rex, now Im back in the swing, and I see this de in debate is replaced with master on this tiopic....so I'll start another one...........
  15. dude, you need to show some respect.............. why, just yesterday I slammed a can of grape soda so fast my eyes bled.... surely that puts me way above the "NUDflap" catagory:yes:

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