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  1. Are you banned from playgrounds, schools, and amusement parks
  2. At one time you used to stand up for the oppressed all knowing super triker in search of futuristic 3wheeled enlightenment. sadly now you have become one of the oppressors who stands by and says nothing while the masses are deprived of the freshness of 11" of super travel and dealers overflowing with accessories that would make any flunkie junkie pawn his clapped out nudlfap missing bitch trike our super snorkels are precision engineered from unobtainium space alloy and is the perfect accessory for those Sr. thrillbillie festival frowning fascist over hyping know nothings I don't like sloppy seconds so the last thing i want is for you to remove your sun dried sand clogged beak from a transplants stained shorts and try to stick up mine with your weak attemtp at gracing a true outlaw site that fatty up front of the king of MX'rs looks as out of place as the flat fatty you run. memo to mint-a-leak they stopped putting the fatty fronts on performance trikes when Honda though a 110 chassis could house a Elsinore engine.
  3. here is my entry. started out as a Brand new TRX 450R when i decided to remove some excessive weight. after removing the dead weight... ...I ended up with this...
  4. who you kidding? your no OUTLAW! your just some flunkie moderator of a lame 3 wheeler message board. besides everyone knows all your front tires leak air. I remember when dirt wheels built a reverse three wheeler out of a Yamaha BW. I can't imagine having the power of a CR 500R. That's got to be a sketchy ride!!!
  5. Honda actually called me and I'm planning on flying to Japan in April to help them develop the all new line of ATC's that should be a dealers floors by Christmas. If I am to understand correctly...they spoke in broken English with Japanese accents...this is the reason for no 2010 TRX 450R's. they plan on replacing the TRX line with the new ATC's LOL...Seriously...No one has contacted me and I don't expect one will. We produce them ourselves TPC Trikes Our goal is simply to offer people the opportunity to have a modern Trike. That and to stop the butchering of vintage ATC's Yes, we have taken orders and we are currently building one for a customer in N.H. We will build complete trikes, convert existing quads, and/or sell you a kit to build your own. Our conversion kits are all bolt on using our frame, triple clamps and front hub assembly. after that everything is direct bolt on (using factory hardware) from either 06-09 TRX or 05-08 CRF 450. Because these are custom built to order...or built by the customer...there is no set price. You could get into a stock oem (using a used TRX and used oem CRF parts) for as little as 6,500. or go all out like I did with my personal one with all NEW OEM and AFTERMARKET parts for 20,000. We can also do other conversions based on other models, Honda 400ex Honda 300ex Honda 250ex Suzuki 400 Suzuki 450 Suzuki 500 (quadzilla) KTM 450 KTM 525 Yamaha raptor 660 Yamaha 450 ..would all be prime candidates for conversions
  6. N.Y. We travel the country riding and promoting our trike and 3wheelers. The race pictures are from a Ohio 3wheeler MX race series. The Waynoka shots are from last years Trike Rampage which drew over 70 3wheelers and was featured in Sand Sports magazine as well as a group shot in Dirt Wheels.
  7. more like lord of the fleas...sand fleas that is. since this thread is all about Honda ATC history let me give you a History lesson in in the original design of the ATC. the first ATC's came equipped with tires labeled "Wamulass" the name has meaning. I will break the code down for your sun dried brain. "WA" water, "MU" mud, "LA" land, "S" sand, "S" snow. you'll notice that sand comes after mud since your fecal brain matter has trained your aged retina's to see only tan I will now demonstrate through a visual learning guide what that ingenious Jap had in mind and how the true lord of the trike has carried that dream into the 21st century. WATER... MUD... LAND... SAND... SNOW... ok the last one give some leeway..there was some snow on the ground, more so in the trails. Now, until you can present a fresh picture other then that vintage "look at my silt roost on a bitch trike" shot that we have all been bored with for the past two century's, Do not respond with useless vintage mullet time sandyago oral spew. perhaps we can see some pics of how you BOUGHT your way into the owning of a monster trike. Unfortunately i'm not in a position to buy someone Else's creation and have to settle on making my own
  8. Built from a combination of CRF and TRX 450R components. some action shots
  9. so the "god of trikes" is really a Snad Flea who runs around with a missing nudflap? ...and all this time I thought he hung around here...TPC Trikes
  10. So what would you call this "Mutt"
  11. Someone had to set the minister of plagiarism straight
  12. It's refreshing to hear someone not afraid to speak the truth. Although your timeline is slightly off. Honda was actually set to release the ATC500R as early as 1985. This should be posted on those 3wheeler sites that think otherwise.

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