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  1. I have recently rebuilt my yfz 450 as a lot of you know from my other posts. Well, they bike runs great. Very strong but i'm kinda wanting to sell it to build my 06 raptor 700r with 50th anniversary plastics. I've had a few potential buyers of the newly build 480 but all have turned out to be scams. I had an offer last night from a guy and after i covered all of my basis', he emails me this morning saying "well i did some research on the cylinder works cylinder you have on it and i found out that they tend to crack". Does anyone know if this is true? I've had no trouble with it. It has a 13:1 comp cp piston with a stock stroke 06 OEM crank and rod. The guy tried to get me to email the vin to him buy i refused and then told him if he was bringing a check, to make sure to cash it before he got here and the next email this morning was the about cylinder works cylinder having cracking issues. Thanks Chad
  2. i didn't move the needle at all actually. i was just posting all settings in case anyone had the same circumstances in the future. all i did in the end was get some advice from local yamaha mechanic and went down one size (from my origianl sea level setup)for the pilot from 45 to 42 and one size for the main from 170 to 168. i had the main as low as 162 and on top it would get real lean and cut out bad. it's all good now though. thanks everybody for your imput. you guys are awesome and so very helpful. if ever in the ogden/ salt lake area, hit me up. i would love to ride with you guys. later. thanks again.
  3. well, i found out the bike is not stolen. waiting on mississippi to send me some paperwork that i have to sign and send back to get the title history to the bike. i know who it's registered to but trying to find him has proved to be a challenge. the dmv here told me if i can have it titled in mississippi then i could register it here and that would probably be the easiest thing to do.when i get that paperwork in i'm going to call them and see about starting the process of obtaining a bonded title from back home. it may take 2 or 3 months maybe longer but i'll get it worked out one way or another. i was doing all this so i could sell it and build up my 700 raptor but after all this, i may just keep both of them....lol...thanks guys for the info.
  4. i sure hope it doesn't come out that it is stolen. i have had it for almost 2 years and put about $2,400 just in upgrading the motor.
  5. the reason why there is rarely a title involved is because it is not required to register or title the quad to ride it.
  6. in mississippi where i come from, there is rarely a title involved in a used atv. and yes, i am fairly sure that it is not stolen. i know the guy that i bought it from. he bought it from someone and fixed it just to sell it.
  7. You guys have all been such a great help on all of my old threads but this one i think will be different than any one you've posted on before. When i bought my 05 yfz450 from a buddy of mine, it had no title with it. I have since moved to utah and i am dying to hit the dunes here but, unlike mississippi, you have to register your bike here to ride. So on my journey to do so i found out that i need the title or manufacturers certificate of origin. I found the store that sold the bike but they can't give me the mco because the bike was originally in someone elses name. Has anyone ever been in this position? I need to title the bike in utah to register it here since i now live here so this has become quite labor intensive. Can someone please help me?!! I don't think a bill of sale is enough. Yamaha dealer here told me that i need the title or mco to get it titled. DMV has been closed since friday so i haven't gotten a chance to speak to them about it yet. All advice is welcome. I have a 700 raptor also that i can ride till then but it's just not like my 450:).
  8. i think i got it dialed in now.....needle in the middle, pilot jet at 42, and main at 68. running good.
  9. ok. i now have the pilot at 42(one size smaller), the needle is on the middle clip, and the main jet is 160(from 170). It idles fine and mid throttle is good. It still cuts out on topend(acts like water is in the gas, which i know is not the case). Do you think i still need smaller main? The bike ran crazy fast at sealevel with no trouble. i haven't adjusted the needle at all. What to do?
  10. just moved from sea level to about 4500 feet above see level. I already have a #170 jet in my carb...i finally got it to start after turning the fuel/air mixture screw a total of 5 1/2 turns out(it was running good at 2 turns out). gonna get a new jet and here's my question.....what size should i go up to? i'm trying to avoid buying a handful of different jets. and my next question is do you think i'll have to change my pilot?
  11. What's up everybody? Haven't posted in a while but I have a question for anyone who may know.....I need some new clutches for my yfz 450...It's an 05. I'm willing to go back with OEM but I'd rather and after market set. Anybody know which brand I should go with?
  12. it won't let me upload vids from my puter.
  13. ok, i got some pics and 1 vid to photobucket, but can't for the life of me, figure out how in the world to get it to quadcrazy.....aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! computers tick me off!!
  14. i know the vid doesn't work. putting on photobucket now. i'll try to get some pics and vids up soon. and i don't want to spoil it, snipe, but i'm on the 450 and it's my vid so who do you think wins..lol

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