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  2. Yep its me! That one is a mud hole here in Missouri. My brother had a Blaster and that thing went through Hell and back and kept on going! It was pretty quick too. Post some pics of your fun!
  3. The Blaster has plenty of pep!!! I would give the cops his info. Maybe they can get someones stolen bike back. Better yet....Get that stalker to go away!!!! Most people that ride are cool... not like that guy.
  4. I wouldn't buy it without the title....certainly not without the VIN. You can spend a couple hundred more dollars for a newer bike with a clean title. The last thing you want is for it to be taken away if you get pulled over. Don't walk away...RUN!!!
  5. A stock "03" Wolverine might do 55mph down hill. I put a jet kit, pipe and K & N filter and barely got there. Mine was a "2002", but not much difference.
  6. New float and carb rebuild did the trick so far. Plowed some deep snow this morning with no problem. I had plenty of power after it got warm. I have never had a carb do that to me only when it got hot!
  7. Yes it is carbed. That scenario makes sense. The spark plug smells like gas if you pull it when the problem happens. I figured there was not enough spark.
  8. I would appreciate any help on this. This thing is driving me nuts!!!
  9. I don't mind trying that, but it was cutting out in the late summer too. Its only after it warms up or gets hot. I would take it to a dealer if I could get it back sooner than 3 weeks. I have had this bike since it was new in "08". It just started this within the last 6 months.
  10. Got the coil installed just in time for 15 degrees and snow. The bike ran fine for quite a while. BUT, starting cutting out again. It might have run longer because it was 15 degrees instead of 30 something. The snow was also much lighter. Either way.....I am chasing this problem with money!!!!! Could the belt cause this?
  11. Thanks TEXASBAGMAN! Should I be worried about the Hondas? From now on I will follow your advice!
  12. I use only Arctic Cat oil in my 650 H1, but I plow and do other heavy duty stuff with it. That oil is more expensive than gold! My Honda 250 EX however....I run whatever is on sale. We have 2 of those and have never had a problem with either bike. I have only replaced tires, spark plugs and oil for almost 10 years.
  13. Happy New Year everyone!!! Hope you all have lots of fun in "2014" Be safe out there!

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