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  2. Yeah, If the guy keeps this up with the threats and all I am going to have to get a hold of the police with at least the info I do have on him, even if it's not much (i have kids, so I can't have some nutso talking like he's going to come to my house) -I so appreciate your advice though Porps2001, I'm sure most riders are cool haha, and you've made me feel good about going with the Blaster! I heard some people say it was the "cheaper" quad, and smaller, but again I'm new to it all and really don't need something huge. I am SO excited to get started riding, I can't wait to get on and get dirty! By the way, what are you riding in your profile picture?? It looks awesome!
  3. I actually did tell him I wasnt interested and instead went with a 98 Yamaha blaster that is in real pristine condition and ...(dun dun DUN)... HAS A TITLE, and even the original reciept! I know the blasters aren't supposed to be as powerful, but I heard they're good for newbies (I think) - thing is, now the mojave guy is getting real scary, emailing over and over, saying he is going to "haunt me" and ruin my future purchases, that he knows my name and can find me, he keeps saying "karmas a bitch". He's actually at the point where its really creeping me out.. Craigslist lesson learned I guess.
  4. Hi everyone- first of all I am very new to the site, as well as very new to ATV's in general, and I could use some straightening out on this matter as I've had conflicting info given... Im thinking about getting 99 Mojave on craigslist for $800, and they were going to deliver to me as well which seemed nice (im about an hour away, we're both in IL). Well everything was fine, quad looked good, said it ran well but was cold blooded, and they are throwing in extra tires, frame, & shocks (they said shocks would need replaced soon) -Honestly I am not sure whether that alone is a decent deal or not, so an opinion on that would be welcome too. Anyway, real problem raised when I asked about a title: said they didn't have one, it wasnt necessary. Well, talking to a friend he said if I ever want to take it out to any parks or anything I'll need to have it registered and get a public access sticker. Said if the guy doesnt have a title I should get a bill of sale and have the guy email me the vin number so I could double check it wasnt stolen- when asked the guy about the vin and he got incredibly annoyed, said he works 12hr days and doesnt have time to check if it's even visible, and if the deal was off because of that then so be it... That's where we left off... So please, as Im very new to all this any educated opinion would be so welcome and greatly appreciated! I really don't want to make another move before I hear some advice from someone who knows what's what and am stuck in a bind until then Please let me know what you think, and thanks so much guys for helping this super-newbie! Also, here is the craigslist link for the guys ad incase it helps anything: https://peoria.craigslist.org/bar/4696776037.html

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