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  2. Thanks for the links! I suspect the valves need adjusted and the timing may be off. I did have it started though(well my neighbor did when I was towing it behind my wheeler - but he kept accidentally letting go of the clutch while in gear and couldn't keep it running) and it seemed to revv up ok. But now with the manuals I will have a little more guidance in getting the valves and timing set then I can go from there.
  3. I bought this 250s from a friend, (along with a sweet ATC 70), but I am having all kinds of trouble getting this thing to run. I rebuilt the carb, have strong spark and it is getting fuel. Seems to have great compression. I was able to push start it once or twice but my neighbor couldn't keep it running and trying to push start it destroyed the teeth of of both sprockets. Best I can do with the kickstart is to get a backfire when I drip a little gas in the cylinder. Anybody have a good link to a service manual? I think the next thing to do would be to check the timing?? Not sure how as I don't see any inspection plugs anywhere on the cases. Any input/help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Was looking into reasons why my chain snapped on my '01 Scrambler 500 and was checking out the rear axle and found more front to back play on the rear axle than I ever want to see again..... Got the axle out to check the bearings and I found that the right side (sprocket side) bearings were completely demolished, like there was nothing in there... I'm hoping this didn't destroy my rear carrier but since I have never once in my life replaced bearings I'm not sure really what I'm looking at (see pics below)... do I just need to replace the bearings/seals or is the rear carrier trashed? [ATTACH]1399[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]1400[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]1401[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]1402[/ATTACH]
  5. OK, so I already traded the bike...(I'm always looking for deals...Lol) Traded the Suzuki straight up for a 2005 Polaris Scrambler 500.... I think I did pretty good!
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome! It's a 1990 Suzuki LT250 4WD, got it in a trade along with a 1982 Honda ATC 185s that I have been currently restoring. Will throw some pics up soon!
  7. Do you happen to have a link for a 1990 Suzuki LT250 4WD? I would really really appreciate it....
  8. Maybe some fellow Tennesseans could help me out as well.... I'm in middle Tenn, I know of the Turkey Bay OHV trails up at LBL, but does anybody ride any other places?
  9. Just wanted to stop and and say Hi, I've acquired my first quad, usually I stay within the 2 or 3 wheel realm but I love anything with a motor and wheels! Looks like there's a lot of good info here and i hope to contribute what I can.
  10. I recently acquired a 1990 LT250 4wd and was wondering what you guys thought of it and if it would be a decent trail quad? I'm not looking to do monster jumps or race or anything like that, I just like riding trails, having never owned one (a 4 wheeler, been pretty hardcore on 3 wheels since I started riding) I'm not sure what exactly to expect.

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