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  1. They kinda do. The king quads are great atvs that's what I ride and you won't believe the quality. I personally like the 700 and 750 over the others but they are all just great examples of suzukis high quality machines!
  2. Are the can am outlanders. 1000 and 800 as smooth and as comfortable and easy to ride as a king quad 700. I really like both. And which vibrates more and handles better and is more stable to ride. Thanks
  3. Wow. I went deaf watching it lol. I'd be scare to Melt the bed and frame and paint. Wow. The shocks are compressed the engine is so heavy
  4. Wow they look better on that yamaha than the rzr. They look good on both but they would be very intimidating to see on an opponents quad when your racing lol. How well does light exit them at night
  5. No problem buddy that why I'm here
  6. Hmmm looks like a way prettier version of the grizzly. Well the older grizzly but the new one looks pretty awesome
  7. Idk nothing about them or what to tell you but I looked on line and they aren't the prettiest machines around and I I have never even heard of them til today
  8. Could be the contacts on the battery or a bad battery that's what my truck did when the battery died on it. It's not a fuse because it is clicking
  9. No idea
  10. Idk anything that could've done that. What kind of riding did you do yesterday
  11. New engine and throttle bodies an clutch and tranny. Actually it would probably be better to just replace all the guts since you don't know exactly defective.
  12. Yeah I thought both and 800 commander and a 750 or 850 atv. I just want the sxs so I can just cruise around the trails and have a stereo in it and use the bed for work. And the atv to go fast or to get into those little bit more difficult food plots to access . But It is going to be a while b4 I can get either thanks guys. Anyone else that wants to post keep going I'd like to learn more
  13. How well does the commanders air ride stuff work and is it only on the limited or is it on all. And how much would it cost to buy them and put them on myself
  14. Ooooooooooohhh. Give me that Santa. I want that
  15. Well I would just deal with it it never is to bad could be worst. You could be poor and not have a commander