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  2. Found the problem, carby bowl was clean but had green muck in the main jet. Cleaned out carb and starts no probs.
  3. Hi, just been given a Kazuma (fee:wink:) from an old friend. He had just had it repaired for a no start condition then let it sit for a year without use. Now its mine and no start again!! Has fuel to carb, cranks, fires on start fluid then stalls and you can repeat all day long. Seems like elec choke or carb issue. Carb looks new, he seems to think it was replaced a year ago when repaired?? Have had a look and is very clean inside. Is there a kill switch to stop fuel?? Is that elec thing the choke or stop solenoid?? Can i bypass to try?? VIN is KZM157QMJ - 04080772 - 124cm2 is that 124cc engine capacity or oil capacity??

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