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  2. i have a yamaha grizzly 600 on command not sure about the year i thik its 2000 it is a project bike i am ordering new stator it has no spark differnt cdi box but it has no vent lines from where the belt is i need to know where they go and also where the intake from air box goes also will having these affect it cranking??
  3. I have cleaned carb out even bought a rejet kit for it i have played with the needle and seat its not sticking but i will try spraying some carb cleaner wile it is running Thanks for the help
  4. I gota my honda 300 fourtrax running and it bogs down wen i have the gas tank on the on position and res but if i turn it off it grts ul to speed it is getting too much gas i think but im not dhure how to fix it?
  5. Well i did get the motor to crank for a minute but i just thru gas in the slark plug Hole i still need to clean the carb out real good and possibly order a rebuild kit for it but it will crank every now and then im guessing fuel issue but im not shure and motor looks good it didnt look bad at all
  6. thanks for reply i realy am just seing what exactly i can do with this engine just to atleast get it crank one time i got it for free and realy dont want to spend the money to get a new engine but i am glad u did mention clutch and throttle body i havent even looked at that yet thanks for the help
  7. ok i will change the oil and the gas tank is all dryed up but for now i just have a go cart gas tank on it cause all i realy wanna know is how bad off the motor is and i did put some gas in the spark plug hole it hit one time but im thinking the carb is stoped up so it dosnt have enough fuel to go through i will look at that this weekend and see what happens thanks for the help
  8. ok i got a honda foutrax trx 300 4x4 1998 for free the guy i got it from sunk it and it has ben setting up for a while what all do i need to do to get the motor to run i got spark and all electricall parts working and has compression but im not shure the exact amout of compression maybe valve adjustment??
  9. ok i will check it out i tried adjusting them but i am in no way an expert on adjusting valves wat do i need to do to get it not to stick
  10. Ok it is blowing air the rong way instead of sucking it thru the air box its blowing air to the air box and all hoses are hooked up corectley and it also has a loss in compression it will build compression and then loose it wile cranking ?????
  11. Ok it did great wen i went for a ride for about an hour and half but wen i got back turned it off and it wont start its electrical smoking were the cable plugs up to the spark plug thing all cables are hooked up corctley please help???
  12. Ok got it goin great went for a joy ride with daddy and it did great got hot a couple times but i still need to adjust valves rite but now wen i start it the plug were plugs up to the spark plug device is smoking wont start its strange its like something got shorted put i duno what please help???
  13. 1991 suzuki king quad 300 or anyone of them that shows me how to adjust valves the corect way
  14. And can any of yall help me find a fuel pump for this i am haveing a hard time finding one 91 suzuki king quad 300 air generated fuel pump as of rite now i Am bypassing it and my gas tank with a go cart gas tank

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