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Can-Am BRP UTV Forum

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Can-Am BRP UTV Side by Side Specific Discussion Topics. Technical and General Discussions. Defender, Commander, Maverick, Maverick X3 topics.

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  1. Can-Am Maverick X3 Jump Footage + Video

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  2. Can-Am Commander Photos

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  3. Can Am Releases 2011 SxS

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    • It’s a bitch but two things have to happen.  1. You must have the air filter on as if the bike was ready to ride.  2. You have to make up a small screw driver to get in to the adjustment spot.  I’ve done it  I bought a flex driver which is a small flexibile shaft screwdriver. Or make one up.    
    • *well- nobody has explained to me what I'm looking for when I adjust the carb
    • ok so I have never heard this before...  haha nobody has ever explained to me HOW to adjust a carb on a bike yet.  Thanks!  Also, how do you adjust the air screw while the carb is on the bike?  I have never been able to do that since the screw comes out the bottom of the carb.  but thanks!  I knew the engine wont run right if the ratio is off, but I did not know that it would affect rpm....just never put 2 and 2 together
    • It’s a 500 so right out of the gate you know 1-3/4 will be the minimum. Start there and adjust out.  Keep the idle as lows as possable to keep the bike running. As you adjust the fuel/air mixture screw the bike will rev up as you get better. While this is going on you will have to lower the idle. Keep adjusting until the highest point of reving. That means at some point the engine will not continue to rev higher but start to act up.  Once you hit that point you have passed the sweet spot.  Back it down and make final adjustments.  The highest revs mean the bike is getting the most out of fuel and air.   
    • new axle is in, new pod is in, everything works good......except the fuel pump.  I think @davefrombc is correct about the vacuum line.  I think I'm going to bypass it like he suggested (thanks for that suggestion btw!!)  I still dont know what tha carb should be adjusted...  But first things first...  need fuel to the carb haha