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  1. swampcat07


  2. You will have a hard time turning anything over a 28. Either mess with the trans or go with a smaller tire.
  3. I still did not get my permit yet for this year. I guess I should get moving on that.
  4. I just updated the first post with all of the new listings about 30+.
  5. I am game. How should we pick a date and location I am up for suggestions. The voting route did not work so well. Maybe someone can pick a place and date and we can see how many of us can make it.
  6. I would say honda if you are used to them. The polaris is a totally diffrent machine. Also I would not bet the the ATVs that get shipped overseas are worked over before used in action.
  7. I use progressive also, they not to bad with rates. Check and see if they will tell you how they value the ATV.
  8. That is a cool plow Ajmboy, there are also alot of nice Arctic Cat pics! I mind as well throw a photo up here:
  9. Make sure that the belt is not wedged in the clutch, spin the clutch so the belt rides up the clutch before using an impact to tighten it.
  10. Very cool a winch is a must if you ride by yourself. X2 Upload some vids!
  11. PM returned, I pasted here for anyone else who is curious: I don't have too much experience with manuals but I would see if highlifter or someone else makes better plates. Also I know with the wet clutch in the newer models, the type of oil you run makes a huge diffrence. It does have to be wet clutch safe. I a not sure about your setup or if it is even a wet clutch.

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