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  2. It is a 1989. I decided to buy parts online and fix this thing right. Then if it does not run right it will be time for a new carb. Thanks guys for all of the help.
  3. no that is not the goal. Let me explain. Engine does not run well. I do not care how loud it is just able to run right. He says that the back pressure from the stock muffler, When worn out , will cause poor running. Is that true? Would jetting fix this?
  4. I have a suzuki lt250 ouadrunner. The muffler is shot and the mecanic says that I can just jet the carb.b Can this be done and will it work or do i have to buy a new muffler. thanks
  5. Yes I used the old cylinder, but it was bored .050 over and a new piston was fitted to it. I put it all together and it still smokes like it did before the overhaul. dennisg
  6. It is air cooled. The rebuild was two months ago, that is how long I have been trying to get it running right. The rebuild was just the top end, with new piston and rings and head with the valves reground. Keep the questions coming maybe we can figure something out. Thanks Dennisg
  7. It is a 4 stroke. It is like it is possessed or something. The carb screws should work and the overhaul should have stopped it from smoking. It is just the same as before all of the work. People say that it needs and overhaul and the carb needs to be rebuilt, but both of those have been done. All of the hoses and boots are in good condition. It runs too fast and the engine spews out white smoke. Thanks Dennisg
  8. I thought that I may have overfilled the oil, so I let some out and then ran the engine for a few minutes. Oil and white smoke still shooting out and still idling too fast. Any Ideas? Thanks Dennisg
  9. I have checked the head and the pipe and it is tight with no leaks. The carb boots , it seems that it does not make any difference weather the boot is connected or not, just runs fast at idle with no adjustment. I assume that you are talking about the boot that goes to the airbox. Thanks dennisg
  10. I had the piston replaced and the cylinder fitted to a new one and the head finished by a service shop and I bought a carb rebuild kit from e-bay and cleaned it and put it all back together. Vacum? Which hoses would that be? Thanks Dennisg
  11. I recently rebuilt the top end of the motor and rebuild of the carb. It was smoking real bad and hard to start. Now it starts right up and shoots out white smoke and oil out of the tailpipe. It also idles fast with no adjustment on the idle screw . What can be my problem? Thanks dennisg
  12. I have completed the carb rebuild and the engine runs and smokes just like before with no change except that it runs and starts better. It idles fast and cannot be changed by messing with the 2 screws on the carb. Why does it still smoke and why will it not adjust the idle? Thanks dennisg
  13. 1989 Suzuki Quadrunner. I got the top end overhauled and putting it back together now.It ran good just smoked.Now it does almost the same thing. Excessive smoking and idling to fast with no adjustment on the screws. I am certain it is a carburetor problem but how to fix it is another problem. Thanks dennisg
  14. I got the float in right this time. But it may need adjustment? It still runs fast with no adjustment in the idle adjustment or in rich or lean. Any suggestions on what to do now? thanks dennisg
  15. Thanks for the reply. I will work on it. dennisg

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