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  2. when i turn the key to the on position nothing lights up.. no lights, no neutral light, no oil light, no cluster light. and im pretty sure you cant "push" the red button on the left handle bar.. it looks like it only slides back and forth but from off-run-off. are you 100% sure i need to push the red button to start it?
  3. new project just picked up. 2000 sportsman 500 absolutely nothing happens when I turn the key. there is no start button on the left handle bar so im thinking it turns on with the key. I checked all wires on the CDI and reconnected some wires. jumped the starter and got good compression. I also bridged the starter solenoid and engine turned. New ignition switch/key changed oil new spark plug new battery what else should i check? how do i know is the cdi that needs replacement over the coil, or other things? any way to test that? are there any wires that absolutely need to be plugged in for the atv to start? there are some wires e.g. 12v outlet wires, ground for the winch etc... i really dont want to just start buying up parts and replace them.. any help would be appreciated it. thanks.

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