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  2. hi: i am going to try to buy a good used stator coil, on maybe at my local salvage yard, or on ebay allso. thank you.
  3. hi: i will test that tomorrow. and find out if i have a blue spark, and repair the wire connections with wire-nuts, so that the connetions will be tight. thank you
  4. hi: i was wondering why you still think the stator coil, is bad i mean is 0 ohms not good resistance with a cold or warm engine.? the clymers service manual just calls for 1 to 7 ohms resistance. for the stator coil to be good. thank you
  5. hi: yesterday i the it would not start-up. so i pushed in on the stator plug, and the pulsing coil plugin, and after i did this. it started right-up. so i think that i have found the problem. so i am going to just cut the plugs, off and use wire-nuts to reconnect the all of the wires. because the plug ends are all damaged. and won't stay tight anyway. they just wont stay tight enough. thank you so much.
  6. hi: i tested the generator, parts today the pick-coil tested 472 ohms cold. and 596 ohms with the engine, warmed-up. the stator tested 0 ohms engine, cold and 0 ohms engine warmed-up. i got 14.7 volts at the battery termenal's. that means the voltage regulator, is good right.? any ideals ? thank you all very much.
  7. hi: i checked all the connections, there all clean and tight. the ignition coil, cdi, voltage regulater, were installed new about a year ago. yes i know the spark should bright blue but its a very small red spark. and at times no spark at all, yes i have a multimeter, and a clymer's service manual, i checked the generater, stater coil, and the pulsing coil, when the engine was cold. should i check it when it is hot ?. thank you
  8. hi: there is no carberater, issue all lines or new, the carb was takeing apart and cleaned up . and all parts were put in carberater cleaner, overnight and compressed air was used to blow out all the passages. there is no sputter, hesitation, it has very good power and acceleration. i also check out the generater, stater, pulsing coil, when the engine was cold.yes i check for a spark at the spark plug, and the spark seems to be very week its a red spark or no spark at all. thank you very much.
  9. hi: i have a kawasaki bayou 300 4x4 atv, the problem that i am having is after it starts and runs about a hour or so. it will shutdown and not restart till it cools down for about 30 minutes or so. i replaced the coil, cdi, voltage regulater, and spark plug, and the wire, i have also rebuild the top-end of this engine. any help will be apprected. thank you
  10. hi: ajmboy, i wont to thank you. and all the other members, for there help. but i already have this information., in my clymers repair manual, it just don't provide me with enought information. about the procedure. it the atv, runs good, shifts and go's into gear with difficulty in shifting. thanks
  11. hi: i have a 2001 kawasaki bayou 300 4x4 atv., and have just replaced the primary clutch"s pack. centrifugal clutch, one-way roller clutch and the bushing,. and have it all back together. now i need to adjust the clutch, i have a clymers repair manual, but it is still not that clear to me. how you go about it. any ideals? thanks
  12. hi: fuel, is not leaking around the clamps, i am useing good quality fuel hose clamps., thats not the problem. the problem is fuel is leaking around the fuel line fiting, that fits inside the fuel shut-off valve,. this elbow type fiting has an o-ring, on the shaft of it. and is made of aluminum metal,. thanks.
  13. hi: no where it gos into the fuel shut-off valve, i use the worm-gear type clamps, on all the fuel hose connections. this fuel line fitting, connector, is made of aluminium,. and fits or pushes back into the fuel shut-off valve,. and then you push your fuel hose, onto it. and then slip a clamp, onto the hose,. the problem that i am having right now. is when you push the fuel fitting connector, into the fuel shut-off valve, it will not hold in place in the fuel shut-off valve., that is where the fuel is leaking. thanks
  14. hi: i have a 01 kawasaki bayou 300 4x4 atv., that a leaking fuel fiting, i have repaired the shut-off valve, by installing a repair kit, in it. but it is still leaking fuel, around the fuel outlet fitting,. i have also replaced the o-rings, don't known how many it takes. on the fitting. there must a clip or clamp, or some type of retainer or something that holds this outlet fitting in place. please help me. thanks.
  15. hi: i still need the transmission bushing, wear limits on this 01 kawasaki bayou 300 4x4. i have checked just about everwhere. for this information, and can't come up with anything i would be willing to pay someone for this information. thats how bad i need trans bushing specs. hope someone can help me. thank you.

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