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  1. i havent heard people putting carbs on the new rapter. my buddy says the new rapter kicks a$$ fuel injected. fuel injection is just easier. ive just always have had problems with carbs
  2. i missed this issue. i cant wait. i hope they make it comparable to the yfz.
  3. Does any one know when honda well come out with fuel injection in the 450. i love my hondas but man i wish it would come fuel injected..
  4. the air filter is brand new. i did sit for about a year before i got it.
  5. but its all stock. ive done nothing to change the amount of fuel or air going into it. for got to mention that when the choke is on it idles a lil funny, it well idle high then go down then high then down take choke off then couple secs it dies.
  6. ok so i did wat you guys said clean out the carb. put everything back together and it still does the same thing. im confused now. its like when the choke is on it well idle but right when i take it of it well die in like 10 to 15 secs. idk could it be bad gas? i made sure i tighted everything.
  7. i leave it on tell she is warm. but even then she'll die after a min or so.
  8. ok i have a 2007 trx450er. when i start the bike with the choke on it will idle. but once i turn off the choke it well idle for 30sec. to a min. then die. ive tried adjusting the idle screw but still does it. help me please
  9. is the battery from a 07 450er the same as a regular 450r?
  10. i like nerf bars just for the safety cause my foot has gotten eaten by the tires a couple of times. as for brands i think its personal preference. so i like fmf. ive been happy with everything i use from them
  11. exhaust, jets, k & n air filter. then if you want more get a 440 big bore kit

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