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Best Honda 400ex Mods


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello everyone!!.....newbee here....

....My son has an '05 EX..it has an Hmf slip-on,Hot Cams Stage I cam,a '04 XR400 head gasket,a '04 XR250 CDI and 'Motoman" high velocity porting...that's about 650.00..

The porting was done by me, so...that was like a freebie..sorta..

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  • 7 months later...

Ok Pipe, Jetting, Stage 3 rev limiter, stage 2 cam, maxxis holeshot tires, nerf bars, foam air filter, and an extra oil cooler mod. This is all on my 05 400 and it's pretty awesome If you do bore ht e 400 you will have heating problems to wear you dwon't even wanna put your legs next to the bike. do an extra oil cooler mod if you do bore it. Helps it run cooler and helps keep your engine alive a lot longer.

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  • 1 month later...

Well, that really depends on how you ride it. The stock suspension is sufficient for your average trail rider, but for anyone who likes to ride aggressively, I would agree that a supension upgrade is a good call. The rear shock isn't too bad, but the fronts are not all that great. I did away with my stock 250R front shocks because they weren't cutting it, they are much the same if not exactly the same as 400ex shocks. There are some KFX 450 shocks on there now, the aren't as good as a nice set of aftermarket shocks, but they are a heck of an improvement over the stock ones.

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Depending on your money situation, the 450r shocks can be a money pit. If your weight is sufficient, then no need to worry too much, but they usually need to be sent to GT Thunder or someone like that to revalve them because of how stiff they are. But anything IMO is better than the pogo sticks that come stock on the 400EX. I noticed no one mentioned the timing advanced key...boy I ordered on of those and it made my 400 do wheelies through all the gears. Awesome mod! But not recommended with high compression setups. Just my $.02. :biggrin:

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