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  1. It sucks really bad and it's really hard to get back into my regular routine of riding. You just have to deal with the cards you are delt with. I learned from this experience, what I wanted to go to college for, becoming a better person, and over sharing my story with others hoping that it could save someones life one day.
  2. Here is another reason this sport gets a bad rep. People die from it! I watch my best friend hit a tree doing about 45 and it killed him instantly. Because we were just cruising and dirt got in his eyes and bam! After all this has happened you wont ride the same ever again! Trust me from this, watching your best friend who you introduced into this sport get killed, makes you think twice about everything from there on!
  3. Yup been there done that. I had a bad wreck about 5 years ago. I rolled into a 40 foot canyon. Hyperextended both of my knee's fractured my ankle, and had bruised ribs. I was making sure my 4 wheeler right after rebuilding it and making sure everything was good to go. I wasn't paying attention and rolled right into a canyon. It hurt a little bit(____) that much. LOL
  4. JESUS!!!!!! There is some crazy pictures for this months contest. I can't wait to see who wins.
  5. There is some pretty awesome pics in this month's photo contest.
  6. It's an addiction that's not worth giving up or going to rehab over.
  7. Yea we rebuilt a 4 wheeler in his memory its in my Garage on my page.
  8. This picture above is a picture of my best friend mudding. He passed away in May in a 4 wheeler accident. Love you bro!
  9. Alright sounds good. I will have mine in here by tonight.
  10. Ok so I just upload my picture to photobucket and paste the URL thing over here and that's how you enter.
  11. Yea I love my hot cam but doing that much motor work to mine is gonna cost a pretty pennie for just the parts. So I will just hold off on that for a bit. at least till I get college out of the way.

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