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  1. AW MAN!!!? how do u pplz doo it ...u guys must me super smart or im super dumb lol that really sucks tho dirt demon its just testin u on basic knoledge butt my problem is i can remember anything from high school not even the basics and i like 2 day dream alot while im studyin haha i need alot of help
  2. thanx 4 the help i think i need a 50 when i went 2 take a practice test(before i studyed) i only got a 34 butt i bs thru the thing and felt i could do much better...my freind got a 96 without studyin but he got all As in school and i never payed attention in school ...regret that still open 4 more advice any1 else
  3. plz does any1 kno how i can improve my asvab score? i bought this big book and its like 500 pgs long and studyed the hole thing and that didnt work soo now im studyin it agian!! plz is there another way!
  4. and i heard the quads been in driven away at that time
  5. o sry east stroudsburg pa my community dint doo nothin the cops dint do nothin nothin happend exept i got an honda 450r used tho 07 both wit nesses that saw them get stolen bailed on be and changed their story itz just a mess the pplz who stol it trailer was gon 2 befor copes arrived
  6. woow duh i cant belevie i forgot about those yeah ur rite probly gonna get a dasa then cuz of byrd butt there is a 450r racer that uses motoworks and wins all the time its not mx or gncc i forget and rosseir is betta 4 the 04 and 05 models dasa is betta 4 the 06 and up
  7. just got a 07 used 450r 2day and was wonderin what pipe 2 choose price is not an issue when i had my yfz the motoworks made a hell ofa difference gave an average of 5hp but have not heard anything bout big gun???
  8. does bigger cams effect the relableity of his 400ex and will it keep up wit 450
  9. soooo it wont do any harm? and ur also sayin that if i get the brand new bike and put the slip on on before i ride it ...it wont be bad for engine or a strain ?
  10. what should be my online user name sumthi funny butt kinda cool mabee not sumthin like chaos killer death mage
  11. damn chill i was just say thats what they said i wasnt even sayin they were right lol u act like i work for them and what issue was the raptor vs ktm in?
  12. i kno i just hate breakin in engines cuz i like 2 ethier ride hard or dont ride at all just how it goes im not a complete idiot of coarse i change the oil and do simple matinanece (once agian cant spell)
  13. DeathMoose5000

    2009 TRX400X

    looks wayyyyy better than old one

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