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  1. so we bought the adjustable air screws for it and when we installed them it ran really good so we parked it for about 2 hours. when we came back we tried starting it and it sounded like the starter locked up. then it freed up so we looked and the air box had about two inches of gas in it. when we emptied it out there was a very slow leak of gas coming through the boots. any ideas
  2. well the only problem is that i dont have the money to buy a 07 or 08 model. do you think that the 04 and 05 yamaha models are better than the honda as far as having problems with it.
  3. stock which one would you consider to be quicker in ecceleration. plus my price limit is bout 3300 and it seems like i would get more for my money from a honda because it seems like the yamahas are a little more expensive, maybe not though what do you think
  4. so i got a question for you guys. im looking for a new four wheeler but not sure what to get. i got a friend that has a yfz450 and its pretty quick buit never road a honda 450. any pros and cons or any others that i should consider. thanxs
  5. is there a fuel screw kit that you can replace them with so that you can adjust them while its running without taking it apart. i was looking at other forums and something like that was mentioned
  6. st. joes state park. its in missourri. i live in central illinois and i takes bout three hours. really cheap its like 5 bucks to ride and 5 bucks to camp a day.
  7. where is the location of the fuel screw on a raptor 660. anyone got a picture or diagram. also is there two of them since there is two carbs. im trying to help my friend on his raptor and i dont know much bout raptors

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