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  1. Our service out here is bad for everyone. But what makes me mad is that if anything touches the bottom speaker he can't hear it ring, and sometimes when he tries to ansewer it, it frezzes just long enough to miss the call. so we have the first ever I-Pager, its gona make millions!!! . . . pissed off! LOL.
  2. Blackberry pearl. I love it! i broke it a few times but can't get rid of it. My hubby has an I-Phone. I hate it! it is fun to play games on but as a phone it sux!
  3. yes it was Sun! they were really nice, and really busy! Definetly! We are planning a trip to Utah to go dune ridding in Sept. If you wana go. I know its a long ways a way but keep it in mind. I would love to get together sooner though! maybe once spring finaly arrives.
  4. Actualy we have not riden on that side of the mountains yet. I just got her today after a verry long and gruling day. So a long story short is We did not go to Arizona like planned. We drove to Fort Collins on Fri Night. Sat morning went over to Fort Collins Motor Sports, where they were holding a Suzuki 400 for us to look at and ride, well they sold that one. but they have a nother one but for more money and must have 1000. down firm not exceptions!. . . . . NOPE! SEE YA! So to Lovland, greeley, boulder and finaly Thornton we went. to end up getting the same Honda that was down in AZ but less money and a lot less driving. So we call Fort Collins Motor sports, out of courtesy, to tell them we will not need the suzuki, "well" Ryan says. " what if we did $700. down do we have a deal then?" WTF earlier it was $1000. down no exceptions and now its "lets make a deal" ? so moral to this story stay a way from FORT COLLINS MOTOR SPORTS they will rip you off. Sorry it was so long. and i can't wait to ride my new quad tomorrow!
  5. Thank you, alot of people don't respond to older post, so thank you fo taking the time. This has been more helpfull that most things i have read. Go get dirty!!
  6. Soon a Honda 400ex, for now Grizzly 350. Mud, is therapy!
  7. We live in New Castle, just past Glenwood Springs. Right now i ride a Grizzly 350. But next weekend i am getting a new Honda 400ex. I am soooo excited. We have about 6 other ATV's. My man rides a KFX450. Ande we have a few other utility machines. We ride both in the mountains of CO and the sands of UT.
  8. Funny, I thought i was posting in the GIRLS THREAD!!!! LOL HI all! Can i just say i am sooo excited to get my new Quad!
  9. Awsome thanks, any brands better than others? are nerf bars and skidd plates necicary?
  10. Hi all, I am now to this site and thought i would see if anyone is still keepin an eye on it. Anyone still out there?
  11. Hi all, I am planing to buy a new 2007 Honda 400ex. I am getting a really good deal on it brand new from a dealer so i want to put a little money in to it. I am just not sure where to start. Any sugestions?

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