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  2. 2009 Honda TRX450r - Need Help Plz

    You need to use the correct plug.. And as far as i know the only one that you can use is the NGK IFR8H11. But as far as why its choking and popping in the top RPM range it could be the main jet is a little rich, you could try going down a size or 2 on the main jet and see if it helps..
  3. Raptor 660s suck IMO, tall and tippy and people have a lot of problems with them. Keep the R
  4. Get a yamaha YFZR or a suzuki LTR if you want to be able to race it stock, get a honda if you dont mind spending 4000 on it to get it race ready..
  5. 05 450r have some questions

    Just go up in the pilot jet 1 size. That should fix the popping
  6. 2013 Raptor... is hideous.

    Well then its not the fastest in its class... When it came out it was, because there was nothing else in its class but now the LTZ400 is around and it is a lot faster. Plus the new one is EFI with MUCH better suspension then the 400ex.
  7. 05 450r have some questions

    If its not backfiring and its just popping its not really a big deal, and pretty normal. Most 450r's do that, if you really don't like it you can put a richer pilot jet in though. (that's what i did, stopped the popping that i hated so much..)
  8. Morning everyone, heading off to watch the AMA pro national motocross at Thunder valley!
  9. Reddit

    There is a quad section on reddit, i doubt most of you guys use reddit or know what it is but if you do... Here ya go ATV Vehicles around the world
  10. Blew up Rearend =/ Parts bike maybe?

    ^ Yeah you can usually find parts for anything on Ebay
  11. March 2012 ATV Photo Contest!

    Widened 4" with Fox suspension front and rear
  12. Synthetic wont break down as fast so it will stay "lubier" as rappy says for longer
  13. January 2012 ATV Photo Contest!

    Yours looks way better then this one..
  14. 450r swingarm question

    Yeah it would definitely help if you switched it for a stock one but i think you will fine at the track until you do, it will probably just handle a little weird. But since you plan on MXing it i would look for a stock swing arm as soon as you can, or a aftermarket one like Houser or JD.
  15. Prices of used ATVs gone up?

    Maybe its just because the economy is getting better, i have noticed most used quads are going for a lot more around here as well. A 450r that used to go for 2200 is now 3000 or more..