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  2. Which do you think is an all around better quad!? Yamaha YFZ450 Suzuki LTR450 Honda TRX450 KTM 525XC
  3. I raced dirt bikes when i was younger and now i would rather get into quads. Im 19 and i dont have a lot of money, but i am aware i have to spend a lot to be competitive. Im planning on buying a quad soon and riding this summer and taking my time putting money into it and developing my skills before i race maybe around next summer. So knowing that, what quad would you recommend?? Im looking at the Yamaha YFZ450, Suzuki LTR450, or the Honda TRX450. Which one is better for beginners with race expierence but on bikes, easier to work on?? Any other information would be great too! Thanks a Bunch! -Cody

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