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  2. Well got the Polaris back up and going . Replaced transmission cover. And chain and sprocket... runs great now... honda on the otherhand...... all 6the bearings are gone in the rearend... only ordered two bearings so trying to find the other 4 atm... without breaking the bank....
  3. Do you have a manual for 1985 Trx 50cc? I am about to pick one up.
  4. Parts came in for both should be back up and running next week!
  5. Yea appears to be pretty common
  6. Well not exactly ..... in process of fixing both again.. :/will. Rear Bearings went out on the honda. So we have parts ordered for that. The stem seals and brakes for the back... also we broke the sprocket on the polaris. So chain broke and trany case broke. Parts should be here by friday.. the polaris was sold for 2300the :(tommorow and when i was loading it up the sprocket failed.. anyways.. live and learn and always replace chain and sprockets first!
  7. the drum is grooved to the shaft... and cant get the drum off.. heat dont help at all..i even rode it around hoping it would knock loose with just the tire attached I was desperate... then i just gave up on it... i need some type of puller.... i might have to weld up a makeshift brake drum puller....
  8. Well the instrument lights on the 95 425 magnum are all out so i decided to replace them with led's Turned out looking really nice. Don't have an after shot but here is the during shots.. Little Time, super bright Led's red blue green orange, and some resistors it turned out pretty cool looking... and will never burn out!!!!
  9. Well we rode the snot out of all three 4 wheelers this weekend. Everything was running great until yesterday evening... Monday... We blew of the reared in the trx 300 anyone know of anyone that has a parts bike for a fourtrx 300 i can pick a rear end off of one of theirs? 88-2000 2x4... Not for sure what broke spindle or pinion but will find out next weekend.. Just trying to get a feel on how much this is going to set me back... I know new they are 200 bucks... Any ideas on used... Thanks in advance!
  10. well at least you can get your brakes apart i cant get the drum off of the back of mine.... or off the front left... mine seam to be super glued on with miracle bond... =/
  11. Not going to make it this weekend and i think next weekend we are putting rings in the honda... but i found a cool place to ride yesterday. it is called downsouth offroad park in crosby. 700 acres of trails and mud!!! =) lots of youtube stuff it you want to check it out. Down South Offroad Park only like 10 bucks for the day.
  12. Parents and grandparents properties. In liberty and livingston. You?
  13. Well last weekend we finely sewed up the four trx 300 and it smokes a little needs rings..... o well still has plenty of compression and power.. after replacing the cam sprocket chain and valve it runs like a champ... ran the dog crap out of it for about an hour to burn off all the hydro. oil used to test the cylinder... wow that crap can smoke for a while... think i am going to have to replace the rings just to say fresh top end on my cl ad. =) anyways not a bad 350 dollar investment.. =) on Craigslist now for 2200 =) then will buy me two more duds.. and fix them. brother also got his running good too. another 300 dollar bike... nothing was wrong with it.. just a stuck valve. its for sale too... anyways just wanted to share going to ride the dog snot out of it this weekend too...
  14. Yea we have been very lucky.. traded some old rims for a 1978 xr80 then traded that for the trx 300. Gota lobe craigslist. I wold be very grateful if you found out that info for me.. thanks and good nite!

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