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  2. Alive Video » QUADCRAZY ATV Community She is a living breathing machine again. No longer a 400 but a 434.
  3. Should be rolling mid March..... So have that "need to ride" itch. Weather generally sucks till April/May because of rain, but I welcome wet riding.
  4. Got some great prices on parts and am stoked about it. Yoshimura RS-2 full exhaust $386 delivered from Biohazard Cycle. Hot Rodz complete crank kit $399 from Magic Racing Pro X timing chain $63 from Magic Racing. Mega Flow SS impellor $53 from ATV Galaxy. Nomura BB kit from a local guy BNIB $75.
  5. Change of plans on the build. Doing everything local.... Parts are all ordered and should be here next week. Tightened the budget and decided to NOT stroke it, just BB kit, standard Hot Rodz crank, standard KW stainless valves, stage 1 cams and Yoshi RS-2 full exhaust. I decided since wife was being so gracious I would return the favor and ordered a BB kit for her machine, that little old 300EX NEEDS more snort. Felt only right to start a light build on hers... More to come later.
  6. Thanks, it's an 03. Wife wanted me to buy a new machine but...... I just couldn't justify the cost. After this part of the restore it will be time for suspension next winter.
  7. Frame, sub frame and A-arms will be off to powder coat in a couple weeks too. Thinking maybe black plastics too. ✌✊✋
  8. Well I got my Z400 tore down this afternoon. All plastics off, sub frame off and engine out. Engine is heading to Virginia for a full build by Miller Racing. Big bore kit and stroked (both +4), Webb 539 cams, +1 Kibble White valves, spring and retainers. Port and polish. FCR 39 carb. Should be a fun ride once I get her back. Looking at 4-5 weeks return time. Stoked to ride as she's been sitting for better than a year blown up.
  9. I'm done, @Swampcat07 looks like you win.. I posted my ass off all month. You have over 1000 today, evidently you need the prizes more than I. I honestly think nobody but the mods have a chance.
  10. Goooooooooood morning QC. Everyone have a good Monday.

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