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  2. So I found a 2005 Yamaha kodiak for $300 obo. The guy says it won't run. New piston but needs rings, gas tank and , plastics. I don't mind being a mechanic. That is another reason for getting into this. So the question is, if you were me..
  3. Thanks for the welcomes! I'll be up and running in no time with all the help I'm getting!
  4. Because I think a utility may be built a little tougher Im going with that even though I know the sports have a lot of get up and go!
  5. Whatever I get I plan on having for the long run. I think I'm going to get a project. I was looking at the Honda rancher. I lots of parts online so it shouldn't be hard to get one up and running. Plus I like the look of those better than say a bear tracker or foreman. Thanks for the advice!!
  6. Just a new question of opinion to assist a new rider. I want to get a 4 wheeler and my fist choice of the three is small project but my main concern is availability of parts. Option two would be used but then there is the problem with ATVs not knowing how to swim. Don't really want to but one that drowned and got mouth to mouth. Last would be new. Opinions and experiences welcome.
  7. Who am I in the world of ATVs? Own: none Total ride time: about 20 hours Last time I rode: around 2003 BUT I'm about to jump head first into this 4 wheeler thing. I'm looking for a new hobby to get me out of the house. I grew up in the woods so I'm not a stranger to the outdoors. I do have a lot of questions but since this is the welcome post I won't clog it with a bunch of newbie stuff!

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