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  1. if i poen the lid would it doo the job instead of goin down at the main jet
  2. how can i rejet it......just change the mianjet?? and what do u reccomend>>
  3. soo it has nothin to doo with the jetting or ith the pilot jet
  4. trx450r has full exhaust ail filter oil filter lid on is it ok too run withought jettin..?
  5. some people told me to change the plug..ibought an ngk and will change it soon
  6. MY trx has some mods like an full exhaust air filter and an oil filter my lid is on i bought a dyno jet kit stage 2 i read the instructions and changed the main jet supposibly but i didnt change any fuel needel on pilot jet when i turn on the bike its starts immidiatly but starts poopin and crackin on 5th gear when i go fast >>>?? why ...i feel like the bike should get some moore airshould i remove the lid or what??
  7. my dealership are the ones who supposibly changed the main jet but i havent changed any other jets or stuff ...
  8. lid on....i feal that the bike can goo faster thats the iissue its hittin the rev limiter early> what is the green wire mod>>and will it cause any problems???
  9. zoo it has nothing do with the pilot jets and all the others right ?
  10. i use 95 premium gas....and there are many ngk types which do u recommend??
  11. do u recommend the ngk spark plugs>>>i run regular gas not racing

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