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  1. as far as goin faster dude just get a big bore and make it a 490 or sumthin then you should have enough power to make you hap bc the little things arent gunna give you as much power or speed as it seems ur looking for, you could also experment with diff sprockets for more top end.
  2. well i ride a honda trx 450r so f course im going to chose it lol:laugh:
  3. well you can get spark plugs over the internet im not sure of the best place bc i get mine from a local shop but id recomend runnnin at least 93 premium gas in it...i have a fmf pipe an jet kit an a big bore and i ran the cheap stuff in it for about an hour and it did not like it it was poppin and choking untill i changged to 93 so id run premium gas and as far as plugs go ngk are prety good but id check around online as well
  4. change the plug. and what knd of gas are you runnin?
  5. yeah i decided ima keep it my buddy brought over hos bone stock 660 and i hated it it really does feel like a dirtike and my 450 is faster plus hes ad alotta problems outta his so im deff keeping the 450r. i havent ridden a 700 yet but i dont think ill like it as much as my 450
  6. i had a mojave before and i had the same problem after i got into the motor and got it apart the cams had been sheered off alomost completly flat all the way around not saying that thats your problem but at the same time that that happened it broke the chain off the cams and made a bad grindin sound and then qiut also my there were chunks of ring in the cylnder it could have just been my bad luck with it that all that happened at the same time lol but those engines aint cheap to rebuild
  7. thank guys for the input but i think im gunna keep my 450r thanks again
  8. yeah thats what i hear i mean my 450 is crazy fast and i love it i dont really wanna get rid of it but its not great in the trails and i was just wonderin if an one really knows abt the 660 i know the hype abt them but i wanna know if i would be etter suited for one or just keep my 450r
  9. ok well as of now i have an 05trx450r but ive been seeing alot of raptor 660s out there and i cant help but wonder if there the best for the riding i do i do ride tracks every once and a while some if my friends have tracks but i mostly ride trails and the 450 is not the best on the trails ill be the first to admit i love it and its stupid fast but not very good at going slow so i was going to try and get some input on whether or not i should get a raptor or keep my 450??
  10. well heres another problem ive never messed with these kinda carbs and stuff before an i dont wanna mess it up so how wouold i go about goin up one size in the pilot jet and im not even sure what size it is now as i just got the quad the way it is......an side note anyone know who has cheap shorty front fenders lol mine are missing and i whant some shorty ones
  11. thats exactlywhat its doin is poppin once or twice when i let off from high throttle i was just wondering if it was a major problem or not it doesnt really bother me much tho lol.. another question tho i know these 450rs dont really like to run at low seepds and lug around trails but would that couase it to just cut off goin down the trail i was following my buddy and he was riding like a baby haha and my bike kept cutting off i was just wonderin why it was doin that?
  12. ok well im new to the 450r ive had a 300ex an old big red 3-wheeler and a kawi. mojave 25o(big p.o.s. ever) but my questions about the 450r are prettty simple its got a full fmf exhuast and axle,bearings,sprockets and im not sure what else i got it the way it is but when i ride it when i let off the throttle it pops back thru the exuast im just wonderin if thats cheap gas or supposed to be that way or what its the first quad ive had that actually has some real power and upgrades so im just looking for info lol thanks for th help

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