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  1. Wow guys...kinda checked out on this one. Sorry...lol. The last 9 months of my life have been a whirlwind, but I think I'm stable enough to come back for a while. =P Anyways let me see if I can find the few requests from months ago, then I'll work on the more recent ones...sorry again.
  2. Way to crack the whip guys..Man you guys were on it!
  3. 1995-2000 TRX300 added...just make sure and let me know if its working or not. I uploaded it to my host from the hospital network, and I can't check its functionality until I get home. Dang hospital internet filters...!
  4. Hope you have around $175 to blow...thats approx. the rate I charge people for cleaning, tuning, and jetting a carb. I think you could iron this out if you just provided a little more information to us. Were you able to find any air leaks? Did you try a new plug chop? Adjust your f/a screw any? Move the clip on your needle? Also what jets are in it? Whats your elevation?
  5. Right on...the more the merrier. Glad to be the first to welcome you to QC. So welcome aboard fellow Coloradoan!
  6. Blaster owner here...shhh. Don't tell anyone. My wife rides it. I roll the 400EX or the LT250R if I'm itchin for the powerband effect. I don't think I could ever make it through life without owning at least 1 2 stroke. The Blaster is pretty fun to mess around on though...my 175 pound butt has no problems throwing that thing around.
  7. That's up by 717 eh? Right across Hwy 67...? I think that would be a kick in the pants...love to attend. Keep me posted!
  8. I'd have the machinist use a dial gauge and mic that jug before I made the decision to not bore it. Just my .02 though.
  9. Welcome, and whatup...I wasnt aware there we so many members from Colorado...freakin awesome! Mainly Honda rider's too...nice!
  10. I've just been itchin to break out my recently rebuilt snowblower...Can't believe it's almost january and still haven't been justified in firing it up. Hopefully Thursday into friday. =)
  11. Kinda curious if it just smokes when the engines cold? Or always? If it's just as the engines warms up, probably got some cracked valve seals. The rings shouldnt be too bad to replace, but you might wanna at least take the jug down to the machinist and hone it at minimum. And you should know what all the job entails, I uploaded the manual for ya! =)
  12. 97-04 Recon added! Enjoy and Merry Christmas...=)

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